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He’s getting hotter…

20th March 2007

Here is Brian in the break in the far-right of the picture.
The guy on the far left won the race. Brian got 2nd.

Here is the start of the sprint finish. Brian’s helmet is shown
in the top-right. The guy in red placed 5th in the sprint.

Last weekend we chased Brian around Murfreesboro, Tennesse for a road race on Saturday.  It was a great race for him, and he did REALLY well.  Without the long story – which I’m sure he’d love to post for those interested in the details, he got 2nd in the Pro/1/2 category.  He got beat by a pro, and won an extra bonus for being the top category 2 rider in the race.  Yea, Brian! 

We drove up Friday and spent the night with Brian’s cousin and his family.  Richard and Christy have 2 kids, Luke (2) and Lily (almost 5).  Analise was really excited when we told her we were going to visit them.  She’s only met them a couple times, but she remembered all the Little People they had, and she talked about going to Luke and Lily’s house non-stop until we got there.  She really enjoyed having a "big sister" to play with, and she and Lily played really well together.  Luke got a little left out of the mix, unfortunately.  I got some cute pictures that I’ll have to post later today, if I can get to it. 

Here is Lily and Analise getting ready for bed.

Here are Josiah and Luke playing together.

And here is the one picture we got of all four together.

Analise woke up kind of sick on Saturday, with a terrible sounding cough.  She was a trooper for the 3 hour bike race, plus the 1 hour-each way drive.  Thank goodness we had Brian’s parent’s car with a DVD player to keep her entertained!  It was really cold too – 29 degrees at the start of the race, and it wasn’t even 40 degrees by the time it ended.  We went back to Richard and Christy’s house after the race while Brian raced in a time trial (also a fun story… I’ll let him share the details). 

We got back on the road at about 6:30 Saturday evening, but Analise was getting sicker.  Both kids crashed and slept all the way home, but Analise was feverish and coughing the whole way.  Brian took Josiah to church on Sunday, while I took her to the doctor’s office on Sunday, and she’s got a sinus infection.  Even after 3 doses of antibiotics, she’s still coughing terribly and not seeming any better this morning.  Last night was particularly bad as she coughed all night.  To top it all off, Josiah spiked a fever during the night, so now I’ve got 2 sick kiddos.  Some way to spend Brian’s Spring break!  And we had a fun trip to the zoo planned for today.  Hopefully, we’ll feel better enough to go tomorrow. 

We’ll check in later!  

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  1. Brian Says:

    I’ve edited Kristine’s post and included some pictures from our trip. We had a great time in Nashville, and I was pleased with the race. Thank you Richard and Christy for hosting us! About the race: it was 4 laps of a 19 mile course for a grand total of 76 miles. A few miles into the first lap I went with a small break that quickly went up the road out of sight of the main peloton. Then four guys bridged up to us (including the eventual race winner). We worked together pretty well and stayed away from the main peloton for the entire race. I tried to attack a few times to get the strongest rider to go with me so we wouldn’t have to sprint it out against everyone else — but he was content to wait for the sprint finish. When we finally made it to the sprint finish a couple hours later, I led out the sprint and only Dirk Pohlman (Pro) was able to come around.

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