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Thinking about love…

13th February 2009

Of course we’ve been talking about love this week.  Analise has been practicing her bible verse, “We should love one another” in one breath, while snapping at her brother in the next.  Makes me wonder how deep my teaching is going.

But this awesome post reminds me that my siblings are not out of the ordinary.  Other families struggle to love one another.  And the deeper message speaks to my heart… that love doesn’t come naturally to us.  It requires dying to self, and that is a painful business that I wreste with day by day, even moment by moment.    So I’ll keep struggling for myself, hoping that in the death of myself, my children will see and learn of the greatest Love… and hopefully, eventully, graciously, maybe we’ll see more moments of loving each other than loving themselves.  Some day…

2 Responses to “Thinking about love…”

  1. McKt Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful post.

  2. Michele K Says:

    Beautiful, profound, thanks for sharing & for the reminder. May it be what lifts the funk from this house lately.

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