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A Belated Merry Christmas!

30th December 2004

I’m logging on from my Grandma’s computer here in Indiana. I thought I had posted an entry on December 26th wishing you all a merry Christmas and some other tidbits, but I don’t see it here. Hmmm…

Anyway, we’ve journeyed from California to Wisconsin to Iowa and now to Indiana since December 19th. I’ve got lots I could write, but for now, suffice to say it seems like a long time ago that we were saying heartaching goodbyes to our dear friends in California. Christmas was wonderful, and Analise loved spending time with her family and thorougly enjoyed her first Christmas. She mostly enjoyed the wrapping paper, especially eating it! Just yesterday she set a new milestone – finally rolling from her tummy to her back. Now, theoretically, she could roll all over… We’re ready to childproof our new home in Alabama right from the start.

I just wanted to post something sweet and sappy. Brian and I created a new game on our trip today. To go back and forth sharing one thing we love about the other person. It was fun and sweet – especially when one of his turned into about 6 things he loves about me, and he summed it up by saying he’s the lucky one in our marriage. Aw. I love my husband… in more ways than I can tell on a 6 hour trip from Iowa to Indiana.

I’ll try to come back soon with some pictures of the sweet little girl! She’s 6 months old today!!!!

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It’s a white Christmas!

25th December 2004

I know you’ve not heard from us, but we’ve been been moving from California to Wisconsin. I’ll share more about our marathon journey later, but I just had to check in to let you know that we’re having a beautiful – but cold! – white Christmas here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Analise is having a great time enjoying her Aunts Anna and Kat and Uncle Hal. She’s getting more interactive by the day – smiling, babbling, grabbing, sitting, rolling, reaching, and eating everything. She loved her Christmas gifts… well, actually she loved the paper:) I’ll post a few pictures later today.

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A little bit of Wisconsin in California

13th December 2004

Today the most amazing thing happened. Brian got a roll of quarters from Safeway to do laundry. As he opened them, he noticed that the first was the beautiful, shining new Wisconsin state quarter, highlighting the cow and cheese. But then, as we unwrapped the roll, we found the whole roll was Wisconsin quarters! Amazing that such a thing would happen in the unfairly cheese biased state of California! It was a slightly redeeming act after all the “Happy cheese, happy cows” commercials that rip on the wonderful cows of Wisconsin.

I tried to save the quarters, but Brian insisted we needed them for laundry.

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