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Photos of a good and busy life

22nd September 2010

Brian gently reminded me tonight that we have a blog 🙂 Life has just been chugging along, and I keep thinking “tomorrow…” about so many things I’ve got to do.

But all is well! Life is great, kids are happy, and I am just loving the season we’re in.

A few pics (and I have no idea what order they’ll post in from my iPhone)… Josiah crashed his bike at the bottom of a big hill, and took the worst of it on his face. Tough guy!

We had a brief visit from my cousin, Kimberley, her husband, Wes, and their sweet girls. The kids were thrilled to play together. Wish we weren’t so far apart!

Brian walked both kids to school after our company left. Josiah was in the backpack, and they looked so sweet together, in spite of the bright sun. I love my family!

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Josiah’s first day of 4K!

7th September 2010

Josiah's ready for his first day of 4K!

He’s patiently waited nearly a whole month since Analise started school.  He’d ask hopefully each morning as Analise got ready to head off, “Am I going to school today?”  This long weekend has been even longer with the anticipation of today.  This morning, he and Analise were awake at 6:10, and Analise was as excited for his first day as he was.  She insisted on helping him pack his backpack, and they both wanted to help me pack lunchboxes.

Josiah will be in Miss Debbie’s class, and Analise was in this class 2 years ago.  She is full of tidbits of information about things he’ll be doing this year.  It’s so cute to see her being such a sweet big sister!

Off on a school morning adventure!

Brian walked to school with Josiah in the backpack.  The kids have always loved this adventure with Daddy.  Josiah’s made it quite a workout for Brian, so the end of my kids’ backpack trips might be on the horizon… *sigh*  That will be a sentimental day for this mom!

This year he’s going Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30-1:30.  I’m going to miss my little buddy!  I’m already looking forward to our Mondays together.  I know the 4 hours with him in school will go quickly and my “to-do” list is endless.   We’ll see how quickly I figure out how to manage my time!

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