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A long Samford day and night

30th September 2005

Well, it’s a few minutes past midnight, and I’ve just finally got all three of my exams posted for my students to take online over the weekend … (I like giving take-home tests so that I don’t have to waste class time giving exams). I spent a long day at Samford working on the exams. I finally had to leave because it was starting to get dark, and I still had to bike home.

Tonight, Samford had a home football game against Southern Missouri. The game was going to be televised on ESPN-U. As I was biking up and over Shades Mountain, I caught a glimpse of the football stadium with all the Samford fans ready to cheer on the Bulldogs! I think I could actually here the band or something from about 1.5 miles away where I took this picture.

I came home to an empty house; no beautiful wife to kiss and no smiling baby to say “Daddy” and run over and expectantly hand me a Baby Einstein DVD. I sure miss my family tonight, but I’ll see them tomorrow up in Minnesota for Robyn’s wedding. I can’t wait!

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Babes at the Zoo

27th September 2005

Last Tuesday was Beverly’s (Brian’s mom) birthday, so Analise and I invited her to join us for a Babes in the Zoo class. There were about 15 kids from 6 months to 2 years old in a little classroom. A zoo person brought out different animals and gave the kids a chance to see them up close and touch them, if they wanted.

Analise wasn’t too keen on touching, but she did try to lean in and kiss several of the animals. (That’s what she likes to do to her stuffed animals, too.) We saw a chicken, a milk snake, a guinea pig, a fancy rat, and a llama.

Analise was most impressed with the tank of turtles, though. She preferred to stand and watch them, pointing and saying “OOOOooo!!! OOooo!” After our short class, we wandered around showing Grandma our favorite exhibits. It was fun!! We’re going to do another class in December, I think.

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Button Pusher

27th September 2005

Today we moved to a new level of dexterity. Analise spent 5 minutes turning the TV on and off, now that she’s learned that the power botton is within her reach. It was quite fun to watch her learn the cause and effect of her pushing the button and the TV going off. This afternoon, she begged and cried to push buttons on the phone, so I let her while holding the phone to make sure she didn’t dial 9-1-1. Though that’ll be sometthing we want to teach her eventually!

My Einstien
My girl is a genius… that or a Baby Einstein addict. The other day we borrowed 2 new Einstien videos from the library. One was still in the VCR, though ejected. Analise had watched it earlier, but had been begging (by bringing me all her DVDs, one at a time) to watch another one. When Brian came home, she was over by the tV, handing him DVDs and videos, one at a time, and reaching up to the lower part of the tV. Then she reached up and pushed the video into the VCR, causing it to turn the TV on and start playing the movie. She was so excited, and we were so surprised, we couldn’t bear to dampen her fun by turning it off. So now, my little girl can turn on her own movies. Hmm. Not sure what I think of that…

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A Tale of An Absent-Minded Professor

26th September 2005

Let me tell you about Brian’s unforgettable morning. He bikes 10 miles each way into work, and usually gets to class school by 7:30 in time to clean-up and change for his 8am class. This morning, though, he was running late. We’ve had one experiene, though, where he arrived at school, to find that he didn’t have pants. I got a frantic call to come quick, and I arrived with 5 minutes to spare so he was able to teach fully-clothed and on time. Now, he makes sure he has pants with him or a pair in his office.

This morning, he intentionally remembered that he’d left a pair of dress pants last friday in his office, so he didn’t need to take any. He left home a bit late and arrived at school at 8:00. While in the elevator, he startlingly realized he didn’t have keys to his office and the secretary – with the only other key to his office – doesn’t start her day until 8:30. He got off the elevator in full spandex bike clothes to find his 3 students waiting for him. He apologized for being late, and said, “It gets worse… I don’t have keys to my office, so I’m going to have to teach like this.”

Brian’s learned 2 lessons… leave earlier and double check both pants and keys:) I’m sure it was a memorable day for both Brian and his students. To top it all off, he’s overdue for a haircut, and so he had major bike helmet head with his hair all sticking up from the wind and helmet. What a day… I personally think it probably endeared his students to him even more:)

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Live from the gulf…

24th September 2005

Well, we made it down here to Orange Beach, Alabama – and it was quite an interesting trip once we made it to the coast. VERY strong winds and blowing sand and heavy, heavy downpours. I’ve uploaded a video here of our drive east from Gulf Shores to Orange Beach on Alabama Hwy 182.

Watch our drive in a hurricane or Watch the heavy wind and rain

The picture below is the latest satellite (11:00PM). We are in the very bottomost part of Alabama on the Gulf Coast on the border with Florida as indicated in the picture. When we arrived a couple hours ago, I believe the last of the strong outer bands were blowing through.

Here is a view of a heavy downpour from our condo window. The wind was blowing the rain sideways at times, and it was coming down quite hard.

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I’m trying to catch up, but we’re off again…

23rd September 2005

I got some pictures ready to post last night about our trip to the zoo on Tuesday and our trip from TN this past weekend, but I don’t have time at the moment to write the post. Maybe it’ll get done this weekend?!?

We’re leaving this afternoon for Orange Beach, Alabama for the MS 150 bike ride. It’s a 2-day event that a team from Samford is participating in, and we were offered a free condo for the weekend. First thought – awesome cheap beach weekend! Today’s thought – we get to spend the weekend on the coast, with a Costal Flood Warning in effect and an 80% chance of rain Sat. and Sun. *sigh* So much for the relaxing time on the beach… If you’re one of those weather-interested people, here’s the Weather Underground link for Orange Beach.

We’ll check in again soon!

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Do you ever get excited to do laundry??

21st September 2005

Well I do… at least when I have a new washer to play with:) Best Buy delivered our new front-loading high-efficiency Frigidaire washer this morning. My 5+ waiting loads of laundry have been fun to use to test out all the cycles and their options. Am I a stay-at-home-mom geek? I’m sure the fun will wear off soon…

Anyway, the washer works great. It’s very quiet on the wash parts of the cycle, and I’m excited to see if we notice a difference on our utility bills. But I’d read that because the front-loading machines spin at very high RPM’s to spin the water out better than a normal washer (also decreasing your drying time by almost half!), the spin cycle is VERY loud. Sounds sort of like we have a helicopter landing in our basement for 3-5 minutes at a time. Hmm. I’m trying to sort out if this is normal, but at the moment, I’m joyfully celebrating our new appliance:) I’m such a geek!

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When will I ever get this blog caught up???

19th September 2005

Ok, I still want to put up pictures of the monkeys from the zoo, but maybe that’ll still be appropriate this week since we’re going to the zoo again tomorrow for a little Zoo class with Brian’s mom and Analise. It’s a Birthday outing for Beverly:) Then we’re having dinner at our house to celebrate.

In case the day might have gotten too boring, I invited some ladies over for a time of prayer tomorrow am, before the zoo class. It just fits into the schedule. But Best Buy just called to say they wanted to deliver the new washer – YEAH! – tomorrow – BOO! I’m desperate to do laundry, no time to go to my in-laws, but I just can’t be here between 11:30 and 1:30 when they want to come. If it can’t be THEIR time, it has to be another day. GRR.

We had a lovely weekend with Brian’s cousin and his family. Luke and Lily are 8 months and just over 3. It was interesting to see how they all “share” differently. Lily has an internal battle everytime she has to share. She knows she’s supposed to, but she doesn’t want to usually, but she tries… for a second. And Analise usually doesn’t mind having something pulled right out from her hands, unless it’s her GloWorm, which she’s suddenly become very very attached to. Poor Lily had never seen a GloWorm, and she wanted a chance to see it, but everytime she picked it up while Analise was playing, Analise would look up and look around for the Worm. Since she’s not very demanding, I looked out for her, and tried to make sure her GloWorm was available when she needed to snuggle it. She spent all weekend pretending to feed it, putting it in the high chair and the swing and just carrying it around under her arm. Lastly, Luke would crawl over to Analise and grab a toy out of her hands and start drooling/chewing on it.

Brian had a good time racing, and he finished 15th in the road race and 11th in the criterium. It wasn’t as good as he’d hoped, but we still came away with $20 for dinner on the way home. We’ve determined he probably shouldn’t become a pro racer right now… maybe next year:)

Check back to this post… Analise needs some attention, but I want to post pictures soon!

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Washing machine woes and Where we’re headed

16th September 2005

Hi there! Sorry for the blog neglect:) It’s been a crazy week. Brian got over his fever bug after a day or so of feeling bad, and I think it’s out of our household. Wednesday was a BIG day, as we were hosting our new home church here at our house for the first time. 12 people in all for a potluck dinner and discussion time. This will be a weekly event. We’ve really only got dinner seating for 4 (!!!), so I set up a patio table and a folding buffet table in our front room. (Our front room is meant to be a formal living room, but until we’ve got the $$ to really make it “liveable”, we live in the den.) I got rid of quite a few of the boxes that had called it home, hung up my collection of crosses, tossed some tablecloths on the tables and voila! It looked like I should be opening up shop on a little cafe! Maybe I will… that’s another blog:) Anyway, I cleaned so hard, and the place looked great and a great time was had by all. I was thoroughly exhausted yesterday, though.

Then we had planned a game night with friends last night, and it was a relaxing evening. But now we’re headed to Nashville for a weekend with Brian’s cousin, his wife and their cute kids and a bike race. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it – Cross your fingers that maybe Brian will win some $$ to pay for gas and the entry fee… and maybe a little extra!

To make things even crazier, I washed 4 loads of laundry on Wednesday in the midst of my cleaning, and forgot to get the last load moved to the dryer until today. I opened the washer to find a tub FILLED with water, my towels smelling like dirty water, and the washing maching making unhappy dying noises. AG! So it appears a new washing machine is in our future, unfortunately for our budget. But if we have to do it, we’re gonna get a good one, and I think I want a front-loading energy efficient one. Please post if you have any suggestions! We may go get in Monday am! I’m desperately trying to find the cheapest, but best HE (high-efficiency) model to get.

Have a good weekend!

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Who’s the sickest of the Toones?

12th September 2005

My goodness. We just can’t get rid of the germs at our house! Poor Analise was sick for a week when Katrina blew through. She had a fever for 4 days, ended up with a bladder infection and a rash. Then Saturday night I didn’t feel well because of a stomachache. I felt progressively worse on Sunday with a fever of 100.6. (Thank goodness for my mother-in-law, who came over to play with Analise while I slept all day!) I woke up feeling pretty much better, but still awfully wiped out. Then Brian comes home complaining he’s not feeling well, and within 30 minutes, he’s feeling BAD. Now he’s in bed, waiting for me to come take his temperature, because he’s SURE he’s sicker than I was:) Hope we can get over this without getting Analise sick with whatever bug is ailing us! Wish us luck…

I’ll check back tomorrow with the monkey story from the zoo:)

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