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A Tale of An Absent-Minded Professor

26th September 2005

Let me tell you about Brian’s unforgettable morning. He bikes 10 miles each way into work, and usually gets to class school by 7:30 in time to clean-up and change for his 8am class. This morning, though, he was running late. We’ve had one experiene, though, where he arrived at school, to find that he didn’t have pants. I got a frantic call to come quick, and I arrived with 5 minutes to spare so he was able to teach fully-clothed and on time. Now, he makes sure he has pants with him or a pair in his office.

This morning, he intentionally remembered that he’d left a pair of dress pants last friday in his office, so he didn’t need to take any. He left home a bit late and arrived at school at 8:00. While in the elevator, he startlingly realized he didn’t have keys to his office and the secretary – with the only other key to his office – doesn’t start her day until 8:30. He got off the elevator in full spandex bike clothes to find his 3 students waiting for him. He apologized for being late, and said, “It gets worse… I don’t have keys to my office, so I’m going to have to teach like this.”

Brian’s learned 2 lessons… leave earlier and double check both pants and keys:) I’m sure it was a memorable day for both Brian and his students. To top it all off, he’s overdue for a haircut, and so he had major bike helmet head with his hair all sticking up from the wind and helmet. What a day… I personally think it probably endeared his students to him even more:)

3 Responses to “A Tale of An Absent-Minded Professor”

  1. steve Says:

    Sweet! hey Dr. Spandex, how is it going Dr. Spandex? Dude, your students should really give it to you.

  2. Hal Says:

    Ok, I have a couple of solutions for this problem.

    1. Move half of Brian’s dress clothes to his office. We can place wardrobe in there so he has some options when he gets to work.

    2. Buy one of those fake rocks that you can hide a key in and leave it outside his office door. It will blend in to the natural surroundings, nobody will know that it is there.

    3. If he shaves his head, we won’t have to worry about helmet hair.

    4. Move class back until 8:35am. Just in case the pervious options fail, the secratary will be there to assist. Believe me, the students won’t mind the change in time.

    5. Buy him a moped so he can be dressed and ready prior to leaving for work. I hear those things get 800 miles to the gallon.

  3. Dr. Spandex Says:

    Hal, you’ve got some good solutions. My favorite solution was the one about hiding the key under a rock. I’m seeing about hauling in a boulder I can hide my key under to set outside my office. I’ll take a picture once everything’s in place. I’m happy to report that I taught my classes today fully clothed!

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