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Novel New Word

28th February 2006

For your reading pleasure today, I share a story of the newest word that Analise is repeating and giggling over. As I was changing her diaper yesterday morning, I’d also taken off her pajamas to get her dressed. “Nakey!” she said! “What, sweetie?” I asked as I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say. She repeated it severl times, until I realized she was happily telling me she was naked:) I think it’s her favorite word right now… she’s said it off and on all day. I’m chuckling just sitting here thinking about it. I wish y’all could hear her say it in her cute little voice with a big grin on her face. You’d be grinnin’ too:) Hopefully, she won’t get the southern twang-version of the word and end up saying, “nekkid”. I prefer “nakey”, thank you!

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The Great Communicator

24th February 2006

I’ve been amazed at how well Analise communicates these days. She’s got so many words I can’t even count… new ones are popping up all the time. She was slow to start talking “our” language, but now she’ll bravely repeat almost anything. Favorites are definitely cookie, cracker, baby, and stuck:) I’ll recap the morning wake up routine, so you can appreciate her efforts with me….

Sitting up in my bed, looking over at Brian’s empty side of the bed: “Daddy (unintelligible) wok?”
“Good morning, sweetheart… yes, Daddy’s at work.”
Spying the glass of water on the night stand, “Wat?”
Analise gets a big drink of water. “Dow?”
“Ok, you can get down.” Analise slides off the bed and heads to the door, while I wrestle my aching bulging body up as well.
“Op?” she says trying to get the door open, and she either gets it herself of I catch up to her and she pitter-patter down the hall.
Stopping by the clear glass basement door where Brian either works or how he leaves for work, “Daddy (unintelligible) wok?”
“Yep, Daddy’s at work, but he’ll be home later.” We head into the kitchen for breakfast if we don’t get distracted by toys in the den. Today we were distracted by the zoo animals, and she squealed the clearest word I’ve heard since “cookie”… “monkey!”.

She’s learning lots about concepts, too, like dark, which she says everytime we turn the light off or go into a dark room. We’ve been talking about snow, too, looking at pictures from Wisconsin over Christmas and the snowy Winter Olympics on TV. Yesterday, Analise was having noodles and spaghetti sauce for lunch, and I sprinkled some parmesean cheese on her noodles. “Snow!” she said! Good try, sweetie!!

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Sleep woes

23rd February 2006

I guess maybe Analise is trying to prepare us for what it’s like to have a newborn in the house again. We’ve got some serious sleep issues going on. It boggles my mind how her sleep habits can totally change… though usually triggered by something like teething or a cold. Sure enough, just a month ago, I was praising God for several full nights of sleep IN A ROW, and she was going to bed, sleepy but awake without a fuss. It was lovely. Then this lingering cold hit, and I drugged her during the nights for a while. And now, she just screams to be in her room alone. She’s screaming when she goes down to bed, crying when she wakes up in the middle of the night around 4am. She’s even crying when I leave her in her crib with books and toys for 20 min while I shower. It’s so frustrating. And it’s even harder because it’s not just crying, like it used to be. It’s now crying, “Mommy, Mommy”. I feel so bad.
Last night was probably the roughest, though. We had home church here, and I usually get her ready for bed during the worship time so I can be a part of the group discussion time. But to make a long story short, she didn’t go to sleep until Brian and I went to bed at 10pm. She woke up at 4am again, flopped around our bed for almost 2 hours, half asleep. When she finally fell asleep again, she slept until 9am (unheard of… I guess this is one plus of our late nights… the first sleeping in I’ve felt in ??? long!). Anyway, I hope we get past this stage soon. It’s wearing me – us – out.

Though I was so frustrated with Analise last night, I woke up this morning to her sleeping next to me, and I can’t believe just how much I can love this squirmy, fussy little creature. She looks like such an angel while she’s sleeping, and honestly, she’s crying because she wants to be close to me. I’ve never had someone need me that way before. It’s boggling to my mind, and it fills your heart up like nothing else. Anyway, that’s all the mom-mush for today:)

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What’s Cooking…Mexican Chicken Chili

20th February 2006

I just tried a new slow-cooker recipe tonight that I had to share. It was very tasty! Have I mentioned that I love my slow cooker? Toss everything in early in the day, come back to find supper ready whenever we are. Enjoy!

  • 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts (can even still be frozen)
  • 1 16 oz jar of salsa
  • 2 tsp of garlic powder
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • Salt and pepper

Cook on high in slow cooker for 2 hours or so. Shred the chicken with a fork and knife. Add the following:

  • 1 can pinto beans
  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can mexican corn

This is a thick, chunky chili, which you can eat topped with shredded cheese, sour cream and chips. Or you can put it in a tortilla with cheese, chopped tomatoes and sour cream to enjoy burrito-style. If you’d like something a little jucier, you could definitely add 1 can of diced or crushed tomatoes. (This isn’t as spicy as my recipe for taco soup, but it’s got mild great flavor.)

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Pink eye stinks

20th February 2006

Sure enough, Analise has pink eye. We got started on antibiotics this afternoon, without needing to go see the doctor, thankfully. My poor girl has drippy, watery eyes, though they weren’t matted shut this morning, as I’d feared. I hope, hope, HOPE (fingers on both hands crossed) that Brian and I can make it out of this without ending up pink as well. Anyway, no bible study for me in the morning, as she’s highly contagious until she’s been on antibiotics for 24 hours. Bummer. I’m doing a bible study through church called The Patriarchs by Beth Moore about Genesis 1-50 and the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s EXCELLENT, and I hate to miss tomorrow. Oh well. This weekend, Beth Moore is coming to Birmingham to speak, and I’ll be going Friday night and Saturday. I’m very excited, as she’s the best teacher I’ve ever heard, and you never fail to leave one of her sessions just filled with insight and application. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to post this weekend!

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Where’d the weekend go?

19th February 2006

I started a post on Friday about our evening out and my Thai food experience, but I never got to complete it. The Thai food was FANTASTIC:) We had potstickers (pork and vegetables wrapped in dough and boiled with a flavorful sauce) as an appetizer. Sidenote… our friend Corrie makes GREAT potstickers. These were comparatively good, but the sauce was what made them really tasty. Brian had hot and sour coconut chicken soup. I tasted it, and it wasn’t very spicy at all, and very good. Then I had something called “Wing of Angel”, a deboned chicken wing stuffed with shrimp, chicken and veggies, served with shrimp fried rice. Very tasty. Brian had his standard Thai favorite, Thai nodles in a creamy, spicy peanut sauce. We’ll definitely go back. I’m a big fan of Thai food now!

Unfortunately, Friday night I had a touch of the stomach flu. I’ll leave it at that… it was a long night, and thankfully, I was over the worst by Saturday morning. Brian’s mom took Analise for the morning, and I got a few hours of extra sleep. Other than that, the weekend has been pretty quiet, just catching up around the house and playing with our busy girl.

I’m crossing my fingers tonight that Analise doesn’t wake up with pink eye. A little boy at church had it the middle of the week, and I can’t imagine when she might have been exposed to him when he was contagious. But today her eyes have been watery, with a tiny bit of white discharge. I’m afraid she’s going to wake up with her eyes terribly matted shut. Ag. Maybe I’ll check back in tomorrow with good news…

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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A Valentine Smile for you

16th February 2006

We caught a picture of Analise at Grandma Beverly’s with her baby doll (the one that lives at Grandma’s) and her Valentine’s bears. We had a fun day, and the week hasn’t been nearly as eventful as Monday was. We’ve been busy,though, and I’m awfully tired today and spending most of the day resting and trying to pull my house back in order. Tuesday were were at church in the morning for our bible study, home for a nap, then back in the car to the grocery store. (Let me tell ya, grocercy shopping with a toddler and being pregnant is an exhausting adventure.) Then we met Brian at his parents for dinner. How romantic, huh? It was nice to not have to cook, though, and Beverly made a great dinner and a pretty pink heart layer cake. Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment in the early morning, then a couple friends came over for coffee and a bit of prayer which we do every week. We went out to lunch at my favorite place for chicken salad. THEN Analise and I braved a bit of real shopping, and checked out the consignment store nearby. SWEET DEALS as they are clearing out their old stuff for spring/summer. I got this nice purse (which can double as a diaper bag for short outings, at least until our little one arrives!), 2 maternity shirts and a pair of pants for $12!

‘Tis the season here in Birmingham for consignment sales – not at stores, but independent ones that run for a few days at a time. They are the source of GREAT DEALS. Last spring was my first experience with them, and I can still list off the things that we use every day that were good finds (high chair, jogging stroller, lightweight stroller just to name a few!). Anyway, this morning, Beverly and I checked out the first of the season and found some cute newborn baby boy things. I’m also getting a small pile of stuff ready to sell at a sale that happens in early March. You tag your stuff, they sell it, and you get 66% (at least at the sale I’m doing). As an added bonus for selling items, I get to shop early, before the mad rush on the first day. Well worth it:) Ebay would probably get a few more dollars for some things, but I’m not in the mood to hassle with taking pics, posting the items and then shipping them.

It’s a lovely day here. Analise is napping, and I should be for a few minutes, too, so that I gain a bit of energy for her afternoon romping. Maybe we’ll go outside… it’s getting a bit hard for me to keep her close by, though. She likes to run and explore, and my back is making it harder and harder to chase her down. Tonight, Brian’s parents are babysitting while we go out for a belated Valentine’s evening. We’re going to Samford’s Step Sing show, in which many of the student organizations/fraternities/sororities put together song and dance routines. It sounds silly, but they put a tremendous amount of work into it, and it’s a huge deal on campus. They’re great and often comical programs. We had a fun time last year, and a couple from church who went to Samford were excited to join us tonight. We’re going to have dinner at a Thai restaurant, my treat to Brian, since I don’t think I like Thai food. But he loves it, and maybe I’ll be surprised!

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What a day…

13th February 2006

I wish I had the energy to post pictures. But I’m too tired to do anything other than just post this quick recap so you can all enjoy my day with me. **Beware… it was a rough day to be a mom!!**

Analise has had a cold for about 12 days now, and after several nights of terrible sleep, I wondered this morning if she might have an ear infection. I got an appointment for 3:15. The day started out well with my swim class, and Analise got to hang out in her Daddy’s office. She loved it… said “Daddy (unintelligible word) work” all the way over there. I love that she’s putting words together! We came home, and she went straight down for a nap after her night of restless sleep and I had a bit of time to myself. She woke up, we had egg sandwiches for lunch, and took off for an afternoon of errands and the doctors. Target was a bummer… I’d hoped for a new swimsuit, since the chlorine is eating mine to shreds. No luck. Then we went to Kinko’s, got gas, and got stuck in traffic on our way to the doctor’s. About 1 min from the doctor’s, poor Analise threw up all over. What a mess… Honestly – what do you do?? I wiped her off with wet wipes as best I could, but she was still quite a mess. We got into the exam room quickly, and I was hoping for an in/out 15 min visit. The nurse wanted all her clothes off to weigh her, and I couldn’t bear to put them back on, so I wrapped her in my sweatshirt jacket. The doctor didn’t come in for nearly 45 minutes!! Analise was patient, and feeling pretty good by now. She doesn’t have an ear infection, thankfully, just the end of something viral. I had some good luck, though, when I got ahold of Brian’s parents to come rescue us with their car and car seat. WHEW! And then, as an early Valentine’s present, or maybe just wonderful-every-day-kind-of-love-in-action, my dear sweet amazing husband cleaned up the car and car seat. (Notably, he was flabbergasted at how much his daughter could throw up… as was I!)

Anyway, Analise is feeling better, hopefully sleeping well with some cold medicine, and Brian’s already in bed after a restless night of sleep. I’m about to join him. But I had a few thoughts I wanted to blog:)

Quick question – not sure if anyone out there was watching TV tonight, but if they were, I wonder if they noticed the incredibly funny irony in programming. NBC had the Winter Olympic pairs skating free skate program, while just 3 channels away Fox was showing Skating with the Celebrities. QUITE comical. If I’d had one of those fancy TV’s that allows you to watch both at once, I would have. It was great:)

The beginning of the list of Things I Never Imagined I’d Say
“Honey, I’d rather you didn’t wear my underwear.” -said to Analise, who had it on her head.

I’m a TO-DO failure
Those of you that read this can at least hear my apology. I’ve had Christmas (actually “winter”) pictures to send out for a month now. I’ve been meaning to get a letter written to send with it, but it just keeps NOT happening. So you may see it soon… my goal at this point is by the end of February. But to top that, I’ve got some sweet Valentine’s that I am 75% done with. I’ll post a picture in case you weren’t on my short list of familiy to send them to. But I just can’t find the time/energy to finish them to get them in the mail even tomorrow, Valentine’s Day. *SIGH* I won’t dwell… my kitchen is clean, my little girl is sleeping soundly, and the essentials of life here at our house are taken care of. Maybe the “fluff” will get taken care of later this week!

In case I don’t get to post tomorrow, Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We love you!

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Buenos Dias!

9th February 2006

Sorry, I’ve been speaking a lot of spanish lately. My dear friend Claudia from Nicaragua has been with us since Saturday. She’s enjoyoing chasing Analise, and I’m giving her a break from speaking constant english in Texas, where she’s been working with Mercy Ships. We’re having a great time.

Baby Hair
I just had to post this picture. Analise’s hair is so soft and fine lately. It’s getting long! After her bath, her curls are all fresh and cute. I always wanted a little girl with curls:) Brian had a head full of blond curls that his mom didn’t cut until he was 2, so I’m glad Analise got some “curl genes”. Brian’s dad keeps saying it needs to be cut… it is hanging in her face a lot and we’re in search of the right barrettes. But it’s going to be a while until my little girl gets her first haircut. I’ve lamented a lot lately about my baby growing up, but she’s still got her baby soft hair:)(I snagged this photo while she was snuggling in my lap before bed, but I couldn’t get a good one from the front! Maybe later today!)

School Days for Analise!
Today is registration day at Lakeside Baptist, where Brian’s parents go to church, for their Mother’s Day Out program. It’s a structured 4-hour “school” time, and we’ve decided Analise would really enjoy that for next year. I’ve got mixed feelings this morning… part of me feels like since I’m staying at home with her, it’s silly to send her off to school, but I know how much she enjoys being with other kids and she doesn’t get that opportunity very often. And then I think that 4-hours/2 days a week seems like so much time… I’m going to miss my little one! But on the flip side, my hands will be full with a new little one this fall, so I think that it really will be a good time for all of us.

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Living Stones – a testimony

2nd February 2006

This past weekend, I was baptized before our new Clearwater church family. I was baptized as a child in the Lutheran church, and to this point in my life, it’s been something I didn’t feel was necessary. But to be a member of a Baptist church, you gotta get baptized by immersion, or “dunked”. Though I didn’t feel it was “necessary” spiritually, per se, I do want to commit to Clearwater church as a family with Brian, and at this time, that means being baptized. I also had the realization that God has blessed me in so very many ways, and this is just one little chance for me to walk in obedience and identify with Christ in a new way. Besides that, how often do you get a chance to really share your testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life?

I’m had a long “faith adventure” in my life with Christ. We’ve gone many miles together, to different corners of the world, done things I’d never imagined I would/could do, and I’ve seen Him work in so many ways. Along the way, there have been many stones of rememberance to God’s faithfulness and grace to me. My testimony could be hours or pages long, filled with sweet remembrances of God showing Himself in a new way at each turn. This verse spoke to me as I was thinking about my testimony:

As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

We are called to live our lives as living stones, showing others that Jesus was here. This weekend was my chance to share that Jesus has been here so many times in my life, Jesus is here in this new season of my life, and Jesus will be here on down the road.

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