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Pink eye stinks

20th February 2006

Sure enough, Analise has pink eye. We got started on antibiotics this afternoon, without needing to go see the doctor, thankfully. My poor girl has drippy, watery eyes, though they weren’t matted shut this morning, as I’d feared. I hope, hope, HOPE (fingers on both hands crossed) that Brian and I can make it out of this without ending up pink as well. Anyway, no bible study for me in the morning, as she’s highly contagious until she’s been on antibiotics for 24 hours. Bummer. I’m doing a bible study through church called The Patriarchs by Beth Moore about Genesis 1-50 and the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It’s EXCELLENT, and I hate to miss tomorrow. Oh well. This weekend, Beth Moore is coming to Birmingham to speak, and I’ll be going Friday night and Saturday. I’m very excited, as she’s the best teacher I’ve ever heard, and you never fail to leave one of her sessions just filled with insight and application. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to post this weekend!

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  1. Nadia Says:

    Missed you at bible study this a.m.! I was SO worried that Chloe was getting pink eye because her eyes were a little oozy – turned out, she had a double ear infection and that’s what was causing it. She’s all better now and I hope Analise feels better soon and NO pink eye for you and Bri!! Looking forward to Beth Moore! Yipee!

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