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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Where’d the weekend go?

19th February 2006

I started a post on Friday about our evening out and my Thai food experience, but I never got to complete it. The Thai food was FANTASTIC:) We had potstickers (pork and vegetables wrapped in dough and boiled with a flavorful sauce) as an appetizer. Sidenote… our friend Corrie makes GREAT potstickers. These were comparatively good, but the sauce was what made them really tasty. Brian had hot and sour coconut chicken soup. I tasted it, and it wasn’t very spicy at all, and very good. Then I had something called “Wing of Angel”, a deboned chicken wing stuffed with shrimp, chicken and veggies, served with shrimp fried rice. Very tasty. Brian had his standard Thai favorite, Thai nodles in a creamy, spicy peanut sauce. We’ll definitely go back. I’m a big fan of Thai food now!

Unfortunately, Friday night I had a touch of the stomach flu. I’ll leave it at that… it was a long night, and thankfully, I was over the worst by Saturday morning. Brian’s mom took Analise for the morning, and I got a few hours of extra sleep. Other than that, the weekend has been pretty quiet, just catching up around the house and playing with our busy girl.

I’m crossing my fingers tonight that Analise doesn’t wake up with pink eye. A little boy at church had it the middle of the week, and I can’t imagine when she might have been exposed to him when he was contagious. But today her eyes have been watery, with a tiny bit of white discharge. I’m afraid she’s going to wake up with her eyes terribly matted shut. Ag. Maybe I’ll check back in tomorrow with good news…

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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