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How to camp… the Toone way

30th July 2011

The kids & I had a great inaugural camping trip in Wisconsin with Grandma Sandy and Poppa Dale in June, complete with thunderstorms, mosquitos, campfire and pit toilets. {note to self: must blog about this and entire awesome trip to Wisconsin. add to list of “things to do when kids are in school”. *gasp*… both kids, in 2 weeks!} Yesterday, the kids begged to set the tent up in the front yard. So like a fun mom, I agreed. They wanted to sleep out there, but I knew that wouldn’t last.

YouTube Video

So they settled in at 6:30, still full daylight. For about 5 minutes. After about 10 trips inside, and before darkness had even really started to make an appearance, Analise told me she wanted to stay inside. (She was scared, but honestly, it was HOT in the tent, even with a fan rigged up.) So Brian, the fun dad that he is, suggested bringing the tent inside. Amazingly, we could just pick it up and squeeze it through the front door with everything inside it. (picture below from earlier today)

After about 15 minutes in their sleeping bags last night in the tent in the living room, they both wanted to go to their beds… because the floor was too hard. They were tucked safely in by 8:30 and asleep within minutes.

Today, though, they piled every pillow they could find into the tent, along with many other “important” things. They told us they wanted to try sleeping in it again. Lo and behold, it must have been quite comfortable, because this is what they look now.

I love these two. I love how they’re growing to be better and better friends. They can spend a long time working together to make things happen, usually something quite creative but also quite a mess. They have plenty of disagreements and fights, and I often end up frustrated. But I love how this picture captures that, at the end of the day, they’ll end up at peace, by each other’s sides. Thank you, Lord, for letting me feel like I’m doing something right. May they always be friends.

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A week of horses for Analise

27th July 2011

A highlight of the summer for Analise will surely be the week she spent at a local Girl Scout camp, Camp Coleman, for horseback daycamp. They spent the mornings in the barn, riding, learning about all things related to horses and even cleaning out the stalls (Analise actually said, as only a 7-year old girl could say, “Today we got to clean out the stall! It was SO FUN! Except it really smelled!”) There were plenty of other camp activities, too… swimming, arts & crafts, playing in the creek, a climbing wall, culminating in an actual horseback ride around camp on Friday. She really enjoyed the week, except the middle few days were s little more challenging. “It’s really fun except when the horse doesn’t listen to you. Then it’s hard.” (um, like mothering?? I spared her the lecture.)

A few pictures that she brought home in a sweet little scrapbook on Friday (probably one of her most treasured keepsakes of the week.. along with a well-used horseshoe):

(PS – a HUGE thank you to Grandma Sandy & Poppa Dale for helping us give this to Analise as part of her birthday gift. Definitely memories that will last a long time!)

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Josiah’s swimming milestone!

25th July 2011

After just the 4th of 5 days of swimming lessons, Josiah jumped off the diving board and swam to the ladder. We are so proud of him!! Here’s a link to the video of the big moment:

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Happy Fourth of July! 2011

4th July 2011

“For freedom Christ has set us free…” and so we celebrate our freedom as believers and as Americans. Thank you, Lord!!

Analise is actually taller than Uncle Sam this year! (He’s a yearly fixture in Grandma Beverly’s patriotic decorations, and we measure the kids against him each year.) And next year, Josiah may have caught up to Analise AND be taller than Uncle Sam!

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5, 7, and 8

1st July 2011

The month of June is behind us, and though there are many numbers I could give you (like how many miles I traveled (10,000?), how many different beds I slept in (13), how many times I traveled through Chicago (4), how many hours behind I am on normal life (feels like at least 18!), I’ll focus on three special numbers.

The age my sweet boy turned on June 9th. Without me. But because he had presents before we left, and I arranged special delivery of cupcakes, a balloon and 2 HotWheels cars (thanks Allison!), I don’t think he really noticed we weren’t around. Josiah, my handsome little man, I am amazed every day at the thoughtful loving little person you are growing into. We love you so much, and we pray this year holds amazing adventures as God grows you into a faithful young man like King Josiah.

The age my baby girl turned just this week, June 29th. So many memories! How have I been a mom for 7 years already? This birthday was highly anticipated, from late May when she got to take treats to school to a very early party for both Analise and Josiah to early present-opening. Her actual birthday was spent at a fun worship arts camp, where she surprised us all with a solo. We capped off the day with a trip to PetSmart for our new fish, Pearl. Analise, my sweet girl, you’ll always be my baby. But you are growing into a lovely young lady, full of grace and confidence. I love spending time with you, and I pray this year holds many adventures where you taste more of Christ’s deep love for you.

The number of years Brian and I celebrate together in “the winter wonderland of constant awesomeness” that is marriage, according to author Jon Acuff. Time has flown by, and there’s been lots of love, laughs, adventures, and many miles. I kinda like spending time with you, Brian. This is getting kind of serious:)

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