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A week of horses for Analise

27th July 2011

A highlight of the summer for Analise will surely be the week she spent at a local Girl Scout camp, Camp Coleman, for horseback daycamp. They spent the mornings in the barn, riding, learning about all things related to horses and even cleaning out the stalls (Analise actually said, as only a 7-year old girl could say, “Today we got to clean out the stall! It was SO FUN! Except it really smelled!”) There were plenty of other camp activities, too… swimming, arts & crafts, playing in the creek, a climbing wall, culminating in an actual horseback ride around camp on Friday. She really enjoyed the week, except the middle few days were s little more challenging. “It’s really fun except when the horse doesn’t listen to you. Then it’s hard.” (um, like mothering?? I spared her the lecture.)

A few pictures that she brought home in a sweet little scrapbook on Friday (probably one of her most treasured keepsakes of the week.. along with a well-used horseshoe):

(PS – a HUGE thank you to Grandma Sandy & Poppa Dale for helping us give this to Analise as part of her birthday gift. Definitely memories that will last a long time!)

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