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What a day…

13th February 2006

I wish I had the energy to post pictures. But I’m too tired to do anything other than just post this quick recap so you can all enjoy my day with me. **Beware… it was a rough day to be a mom!!**

Analise has had a cold for about 12 days now, and after several nights of terrible sleep, I wondered this morning if she might have an ear infection. I got an appointment for 3:15. The day started out well with my swim class, and Analise got to hang out in her Daddy’s office. She loved it… said “Daddy (unintelligible word) work” all the way over there. I love that she’s putting words together! We came home, and she went straight down for a nap after her night of restless sleep and I had a bit of time to myself. She woke up, we had egg sandwiches for lunch, and took off for an afternoon of errands and the doctors. Target was a bummer… I’d hoped for a new swimsuit, since the chlorine is eating mine to shreds. No luck. Then we went to Kinko’s, got gas, and got stuck in traffic on our way to the doctor’s. About 1 min from the doctor’s, poor Analise threw up all over. What a mess… Honestly – what do you do?? I wiped her off with wet wipes as best I could, but she was still quite a mess. We got into the exam room quickly, and I was hoping for an in/out 15 min visit. The nurse wanted all her clothes off to weigh her, and I couldn’t bear to put them back on, so I wrapped her in my sweatshirt jacket. The doctor didn’t come in for nearly 45 minutes!! Analise was patient, and feeling pretty good by now. She doesn’t have an ear infection, thankfully, just the end of something viral. I had some good luck, though, when I got ahold of Brian’s parents to come rescue us with their car and car seat. WHEW! And then, as an early Valentine’s present, or maybe just wonderful-every-day-kind-of-love-in-action, my dear sweet amazing husband cleaned up the car and car seat. (Notably, he was flabbergasted at how much his daughter could throw up… as was I!)

Anyway, Analise is feeling better, hopefully sleeping well with some cold medicine, and Brian’s already in bed after a restless night of sleep. I’m about to join him. But I had a few thoughts I wanted to blog:)

Quick question – not sure if anyone out there was watching TV tonight, but if they were, I wonder if they noticed the incredibly funny irony in programming. NBC had the Winter Olympic pairs skating free skate program, while just 3 channels away Fox was showing Skating with the Celebrities. QUITE comical. If I’d had one of those fancy TV’s that allows you to watch both at once, I would have. It was great:)

The beginning of the list of Things I Never Imagined I’d Say
“Honey, I’d rather you didn’t wear my underwear.” -said to Analise, who had it on her head.

I’m a TO-DO failure
Those of you that read this can at least hear my apology. I’ve had Christmas (actually “winter”) pictures to send out for a month now. I’ve been meaning to get a letter written to send with it, but it just keeps NOT happening. So you may see it soon… my goal at this point is by the end of February. But to top that, I’ve got some sweet Valentine’s that I am 75% done with. I’ll post a picture in case you weren’t on my short list of familiy to send them to. But I just can’t find the time/energy to finish them to get them in the mail even tomorrow, Valentine’s Day. *SIGH* I won’t dwell… my kitchen is clean, my little girl is sleeping soundly, and the essentials of life here at our house are taken care of. Maybe the “fluff” will get taken care of later this week!

In case I don’t get to post tomorrow, Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We love you!

2 Responses to “What a day…”

  1. steve Says:

    Hey, who doesn’t love a good ol’ dose of throw up!!!! A classmate of mine threw up in class the other day (in a paper bag), and she stayed for the rest of the 2 hour class. I think she actually chucked in her hand first then someone handed her a paper bag—-i thought that was comical!!

  2. mommy with a non-puky kid Says:

    I feel your paina and very well imagine the experience. Scott is working on the same thing – that or teething. He’s been fussy for two days now. He even cries when I snuggle him. He can be asleep and all of a sudden start crying. Poor thing. I’m thinking he’s getting sick but what do I know. I’ll try to keep learning from others’ experiences.

    Hope today goes better.

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