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Novel New Word

28th February 2006

For your reading pleasure today, I share a story of the newest word that Analise is repeating and giggling over. As I was changing her diaper yesterday morning, I’d also taken off her pajamas to get her dressed. “Nakey!” she said! “What, sweetie?” I asked as I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say. She repeated it severl times, until I realized she was happily telling me she was naked:) I think it’s her favorite word right now… she’s said it off and on all day. I’m chuckling just sitting here thinking about it. I wish y’all could hear her say it in her cute little voice with a big grin on her face. You’d be grinnin’ too:) Hopefully, she won’t get the southern twang-version of the word and end up saying, “nekkid”. I prefer “nakey”, thank you!

2 Responses to “Novel New Word”

  1. southern twanger Says:

    To me it sounds like she is actually saying “nekky”, which means I believe she is well on her way to picking up the southern twang version. We’ll see!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love the stories…but where are the pictures?!?!

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