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The Great Communicator

24th February 2006

I’ve been amazed at how well Analise communicates these days. She’s got so many words I can’t even count… new ones are popping up all the time. She was slow to start talking “our” language, but now she’ll bravely repeat almost anything. Favorites are definitely cookie, cracker, baby, and stuck:) I’ll recap the morning wake up routine, so you can appreciate her efforts with me….

Sitting up in my bed, looking over at Brian’s empty side of the bed: “Daddy (unintelligible) wok?”
“Good morning, sweetheart… yes, Daddy’s at work.”
Spying the glass of water on the night stand, “Wat?”
Analise gets a big drink of water. “Dow?”
“Ok, you can get down.” Analise slides off the bed and heads to the door, while I wrestle my aching bulging body up as well.
“Op?” she says trying to get the door open, and she either gets it herself of I catch up to her and she pitter-patter down the hall.
Stopping by the clear glass basement door where Brian either works or how he leaves for work, “Daddy (unintelligible) wok?”
“Yep, Daddy’s at work, but he’ll be home later.” We head into the kitchen for breakfast if we don’t get distracted by toys in the den. Today we were distracted by the zoo animals, and she squealed the clearest word I’ve heard since “cookie”… “monkey!”.

She’s learning lots about concepts, too, like dark, which she says everytime we turn the light off or go into a dark room. We’ve been talking about snow, too, looking at pictures from Wisconsin over Christmas and the snowy Winter Olympics on TV. Yesterday, Analise was having noodles and spaghetti sauce for lunch, and I sprinkled some parmesean cheese on her noodles. “Snow!” she said! Good try, sweetie!!

3 Responses to “The Great Communicator”

  1. Daddy @ Work Says:

    I’ve got tears in my eyes reading that my daughter misses me and wants to know where I am! Tell her I’ll be home soon, today!

  2. Owner of many monkeys Says:

    Cookie!! Monkey!! Two of our favorite words (at least, monkey is one of mine and cookie is one of Steve’s)! Sounds like Analise is growing up to be a girl after our own hearts.

  3. steve Says:

    If Analise sticks with cookies and Monkeys she will be just fine!! Brian, i dont think Analise is asking if your at work. I think she sees you on the ol’ bike and is wondering if her daddy ever walks? Maybe she is encouraging you for that run coming up. Or maybe she is predicting the race, as in “hey is that daddy walking at mile thirteen? I love your stories. Kristine, i loved your line about “aching bulging body.” We miss our fun friends

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