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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Button Pusher

27th September 2005

Today we moved to a new level of dexterity. Analise spent 5 minutes turning the TV on and off, now that she’s learned that the power botton is within her reach. It was quite fun to watch her learn the cause and effect of her pushing the button and the TV going off. This afternoon, she begged and cried to push buttons on the phone, so I let her while holding the phone to make sure she didn’t dial 9-1-1. Though that’ll be sometthing we want to teach her eventually!

My Einstien
My girl is a genius… that or a Baby Einstein addict. The other day we borrowed 2 new Einstien videos from the library. One was still in the VCR, though ejected. Analise had watched it earlier, but had been begging (by bringing me all her DVDs, one at a time) to watch another one. When Brian came home, she was over by the tV, handing him DVDs and videos, one at a time, and reaching up to the lower part of the tV. Then she reached up and pushed the video into the VCR, causing it to turn the TV on and start playing the movie. She was so excited, and we were so surprised, we couldn’t bear to dampen her fun by turning it off. So now, my little girl can turn on her own movies. Hmm. Not sure what I think of that…

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