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When will I ever get this blog caught up???

19th September 2005

Ok, I still want to put up pictures of the monkeys from the zoo, but maybe that’ll still be appropriate this week since we’re going to the zoo again tomorrow for a little Zoo class with Brian’s mom and Analise. It’s a Birthday outing for Beverly:) Then we’re having dinner at our house to celebrate.

In case the day might have gotten too boring, I invited some ladies over for a time of prayer tomorrow am, before the zoo class. It just fits into the schedule. But Best Buy just called to say they wanted to deliver the new washer – YEAH! – tomorrow – BOO! I’m desperate to do laundry, no time to go to my in-laws, but I just can’t be here between 11:30 and 1:30 when they want to come. If it can’t be THEIR time, it has to be another day. GRR.

We had a lovely weekend with Brian’s cousin and his family. Luke and Lily are 8 months and just over 3. It was interesting to see how they all “share” differently. Lily has an internal battle everytime she has to share. She knows she’s supposed to, but she doesn’t want to usually, but she tries… for a second. And Analise usually doesn’t mind having something pulled right out from her hands, unless it’s her GloWorm, which she’s suddenly become very very attached to. Poor Lily had never seen a GloWorm, and she wanted a chance to see it, but everytime she picked it up while Analise was playing, Analise would look up and look around for the Worm. Since she’s not very demanding, I looked out for her, and tried to make sure her GloWorm was available when she needed to snuggle it. She spent all weekend pretending to feed it, putting it in the high chair and the swing and just carrying it around under her arm. Lastly, Luke would crawl over to Analise and grab a toy out of her hands and start drooling/chewing on it.

Brian had a good time racing, and he finished 15th in the road race and 11th in the criterium. It wasn’t as good as he’d hoped, but we still came away with $20 for dinner on the way home. We’ve determined he probably shouldn’t become a pro racer right now… maybe next year:)

Check back to this post… Analise needs some attention, but I want to post pictures soon!

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  1. D Daddy Says:

    It is interesting to see the progression, and I think all kids go through it. We start out wanting everything and not understanding the concept of sharing. But also, we usually start out not really caring if something is taken away from us as long as there is something else to distract us. I’ve seen this in Analise. Then we move towards understanding the concept of sharing AND becoming more attached and more possessive over the things that we have. I think Analise is just now entering that stage and will soon be more possessive over more things. Any ideas on how to limit the possessiveness trend?

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