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The Tenacious Josiah

2nd October 2008

More funny-ness from my boy.

At dinner, we were having this Crockpot Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Milk, and both kids had chicken and rice to eat.  Josiah also had carrots.  Two days ago, he opened the fridge, took out the bag of whole raw carrots, and started eating one, telling me, “I wike cawots, Mama!  I wike cawots!”  And after I washed and peeled it, he munched on carrot sticks all afternoon.

Tonight, though, he pushed them away, and said, “I don WIKE cawots.”

“Josiah, you liked carrots yesterday!  Try your carrot.”

“I don WIKE cawots, Mama!” he said, as he pushed them away.

I nudged him towards his chicken.  “Have some chicken, Josiah.  And some rice.”  A couple seconds later, he pushed his plate away, and said vehemently, “I WON’T give up, Mama! I WON’t give up!”

Brian and I were chuckling under our breath, and Josiah kept saying, “I WON’T give up! I WON’T give up!”

After about 10 repetitions of his battle cry, we were laughing out loud.  We weren’t sure what it was he wouldn’t give up on, but he wasn’t going to back down!

Later, at bedtime, I called him into his room to get ready.  “I WON’T give up, Mama!  I WON’T give up!”  He’s going to be a tenacious little man!

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