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It’s Party Time

1st July 2005

It’s Party Time! We’re getting ready for Analise’s first birthday party tomorrow.
Here’s a map, satelite photo, and a topographic map of the location. We’ll probably
hike the 100 yards up to the waterfall at some point during the party.

We’re all excited!

Cake Dilemmas. Kristine was trying to order a cake for Analise’s birthday party this weekend.
At first, she had succumbed to ordering from a wonderful place called Edgar’s bakery,
which has the best tasting cakes around. It’s a bit more expensive though, and
the round cake she had ordered was said to feed 12-16. She was going to make
cupcakes to supplement the cake needs. Then last night we celebrated Great-Grandma
Locke’s birthday with a tasty cake from the Publix grocery store bakery. So we decided
to go with a Public cake instead of the Edgar’s cake. But when she called to cancel the Edgar’s
cake, they had already started the cake and could not cancel the order. So now we have
two cakes, a free toddler mini-cake from Publix, and no cupcakes. Three cakes for a
very special birthday girl!

If you can’t make it to the party and want to see a video of our toddler giggling up
a storm playing with a cat at a friend’s house in Iowa on our vacation last week, then
read the next post!

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To Do

1st July 2005

Ok, just so you know where I’m at right now, I’ll share my TO DO list before the birthday party this weekend:

  • Finish smocked birthday dress. This is the neverending project. People pay $50+ for these dresses, and I can now see why. Just when I think I’m close to being done, I’m not. AG.
  • Scrapbook one page for each month of Analise. This was a high hope I had, but its not going to happen. Bummer, because it would be far more relaxing than working on this silly (but pretty!) dress.
  • Make queso dip. Sat. am project in the slow cooker.
  • Make fruit salad. I think my wonderful mother-in-law is going to take care of this (fingers-crossed!!).
  • Make cupcakes (to supplement cake).
  • Wrap birthday gifts. Thankfully, there are only 3.
  • Pick up BBQ and beans at Jim Nick’s BBQ. (Sat. am) Mmm, makes me hungry already!
  • Pick up birthday cake from Edgar’s bakery. (Sat. am) I had hoped to do it myself, but now I’m being realistic.
  • Pray it’s not 90 degrees or storming during party time!
  • Chase my busy little toddler around. To be done in between all above activities, leaving no time to catch my breath. She’s a busy girl!
  • Ok, so you probably won’t hear from me until after the party. But I’ll be back this weekend to post a fun recap of the event. It’s started small, but it’s growing to be quite the gathering! Wish y’all could join us!

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