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Up North Adventure – Part 3: At Shell Lake’s beach

6th July 2007

My friend Alison’s been waiting a long time for these pictures!  On our last day in Shell Lake, Grandma Sandy and I took Analise and Josiah to the beach for a picnic and some splashing.  We met Alison and Judi at the beach .  It was a fun time, and great warm up for our beach vacation in a week and a half. 

The beach crew…Alison, Judi, Grandma Sandy, Analise and Josiah.

I’m afriad Analise might be known as the "Sand Creation Destroyer" on Shell Lake Beach. 
She kept joining people building sand castles and hampering their building. 
Here she is at creation that she managed to take over after the young builder abandoned due to her "help".

I’m not sure who enjoyed having someone to play with more, Analise or Alison!

Splash Games… Alison was the unlucky target.

You’ve not fully experienced the beach until you’ve found someone to bury. 
Analise, of course, thought Josiah was in perfect position to be buried in the little lagoon.

Another essential experience… eating the sand.  Look at his little belly!

One of my favorite parts was finding this pretty little frog. 
He swam in the shallows, trying to get away from Analise, but we kept finding him.  He tried to make his home in that lagoon, from the earlier picture, but it wasn’t safe enough from Analise’s little fingers. 

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Up North Adventure – Part 2: Mercy Ships reunion

6th July 2007

This day was such a treat for me.  We met 2 wonderful women who I met during my time with Mercy Ships.  All 3 of us started with Mercy Ships in the fall of 1999, spent some time with Mercy Ships as young single women, and two of us met our husbands with Mercy Ships.  All of us got married within a year of each other (2003).  Amy and her husband, Brian, and Shelly and her husband, Gaston, all went back to serve on board the ship, Anastasis.  All three of us have kids now, and it was such a treat to be back together, celebrating what God has done in our lives since we last saw each other.  I really feel as if God has knit our hearts together in a special way through our service with Mercy Ships.

Amy, Josiah and I, Analise and Brian,Gaston and Shelly. 
(The other little ones were napping…mine desperately needed to be, too.  Can you tell?)

Josiah and Caleb playing in the fun sandbox. 

Analise and Caleb cruising on the little bike. 

Gaston and Shelly’s new baby boy, Nathaniel.  What a cutie he was! 

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Up North Adventure – Part 1: Underwater World!

6th July 2007

One of our first fun times was visiting the Underwater World Adventure at the Mall of America.  It’s a very cool aquarium with a glass tunnel that you walk through and the fish/sharks/sea turtles, etc swim over you.  It was so fun!  The pictures of the fish aren’t that great, but all in all, the kids really enjoyed it, and it was definitely worth doing. 

This one was so funny… Analise was peering over the side of the pool,
and all these big goldfish were gathered right at the edge, as I think they thought they were going to get fed!

Fish above us.

This is what Josiah looked like the whole time.  He loved it!

Shark swimming right over us, like you could have reached out and touched him.

Huge sea turtle swimming right over us.

Very pretty little gators in another tank.

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Practicing for the Beach

6th July 2007

We;re practicing for the beach in just over a week.  Analise is all decked out in her Little Einstein’s suit, beach chair and towel.
Don’t be bothered by Quincy and Annie (two of Disney’s Little Einsteins) crammed in the buckets. 
Analise told me that was where they wanted to sit:)

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Happy 4th of July! (As usual, a little late from the Toones!)

5th July 2007

(Excuse the orange faces, we had sloppy joes!)

And us… another rare feat!

They looked so cute in their PJs yesterday.  And Josiah seems to have lost all his baby-ness, and he just looks like such a little boy! 
This picture makes me so happy, because its honestly one of like 5 that I’ve gotten of both of them.  Yeah!

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Sweet Home Alabama…

2nd July 2007

I think I write this often when we return home.  But this time was the sweetest.  Yes, we made it home on Friday at 4pm, only 56 hours after our long trip home began.  I’ll summarize more tomorrow, when I’ve finished processing pictures, but we were sure glad to be home.  We got home in time for a small pizza dinner and birthday celebration for Analise, much redeeming the long day in the car.  (Her birthday will continue this next weekend with a party for her friends at Chuck E. Cheese. )

Unfortunately, we didn’t leave the sickness in Illinois.  Josiah was grumpy when we got home, and grudgingly went to bed on Friday night.  He woke on Saturday am, blazing hot, running a fever all day in spite of motrin and tylenol.  I missed church on Sunday to take him to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t a urinary tract infection, as his fever was nearly 103 on Sunday morning.  But everything indicated it was a viral throat infection, and he seems to have recovered today.  Yeah!

More later, with pictures!  

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