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I like Spring Forward!

10th March 2008

Before kids, the "fall back" time change used to be something to look forward to.  But now, it just throws a wrench into already not-so-good sleeping habits in our house.  But Saturday night, I happily realized that my kids normal 6:00 to 6:10 waking – as regular as an alarm clock – could likely be 7:00 on Sunday morning with the time change.  SWEET!  Sure enough, Josiah slept until 7:10, just in time to wake us up for church.  And I had to get Analise up at 7:55 so we could be out the door a few minutes later. 

We spent all afternoon outside playing on the playground at the bike race (pictures coming soon, I hope!), missed the sacred afternoon naptime, and came home just in time to fall into bed.  I’m not sure if it was all the playing and fresh air or the time change, but the kids slept great.  Analise was up just before 7 and Josiah was up just after 7.  I hope this trend continues…

Quiet day here.  I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with myself.  Analise has a cough and runny nose, so she’s snuggled on the couch watching a movie.  Josiah’s running around making a mess.   Just another day in the Toone house!   Happy Monday!

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Another race weekend wrap-up!

10th March 2008

Yesterday was the last of the series of 3 training races Brian was doing. Of course, he was hoping for win #3, but it didn’t quite happen. Here’s his race report and links to some of the interesting HR and other data…

Yes that was definitely the hardest of all the races.
There was lots of attacks early and I tried to go with them or bridge
and everything I did was marked by the field. That’s why I was happy
when Wes bridged up to the break. I knew Wes was climbing strong and
would have a chance with whoever was up there. The orange team had a
rider in the break and yet they were keeping the pace pretty high on the
5th lap. I stayed near the front and marked Miro and Hurley who were
also riding immediately behind the orange team. I could tell that the
race was playing out similar to how last year’s 3rd race did so I knew
that there was still a chance to catch the lead group on the climb.

When we started the climb, there was an immediate attack from several
riders I didn’t recognize. I knew that you had to pace yourself on this
climb as I had learned from blowing up on it last year. So I let them go
and marked Miro who won the race last year. We quickly caught all the
attacking riders in the first switchback except for one rider from
Mellow Mushroom who was putting some time into Miro and I. I was still
feeling good enough to pick up the pace, so I came around Miro and
gradually pulled back the Mellow Mushroom rider. After the next
switchback I had caught everyone in the break except for Will, Stuart,
and Wes — but I could see Stuart and Wes just up the road. I was
closing fast on them, so I attacked as hard as I could thinking I had a
pretty good chance to pass Stuart for second but fell short by about
half a bike length.

Here’s an interesting comparison between the climb last year and this

1st graph — last year’s HR data for the climb showing the "blow-up"

point where my legs gave out and my HR followed.

2nd graph — this year where I was able to increase my HR all the way to

the top

3rd graph — HR for the entire race.

Just for your entertainment, here’s a funny video clip I took during the race. This was starting the 5th and final lap. We’ve decided I can either cheer or take pictures/shoot video. But I don’t do well at trying to do both! Brian wasn’t in the front, and I struggled to find him in the pack. See if you can hear what his mom says in the background.

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Subjecting ourselves to professional photos. Again.

7th March 2008

Whew.  It’s a lot of work to get some good looking photos.  Of 31 photos taken at our favorite Portrait Innovations, we only had 3 to choose from.  Josiah was mad as a hornet because he couldn’t ride on a little rocket riding toy that he spied as we started the photos.  3/4 of the photos had his pouty, big bottom lip and teary eyes, and I actually considered choosing one of those photos, since it’s a look that’s very much him 🙂 But we settled on this… still no smile from Josiah, but good enough to hang on my wall.  When did Analise turn into a young lady?  And Josiah was every inch the handsome little man today.   Please excuse the fact that it’s a picture of a picture.  Too lazy to work the scanner, and we only got the $9.95 package so no disc of images.  Oh, and excuse the little glimmer of snot below his nose.  You can really only see it on the big photos 🙂

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Cute faces for March :)

5th March 2008

I just discovered a cool website called Shabby Princess, that is all about digital scrapbooking.  I don’t know anything about digital scrapbooking, ‘cept that I’m a little interested in it.  But on their blog, they’ve got some free kits to put pages together as well as some downloads for monthly computer desktop backgrounds that you can insert your photos in.  Here’s what I created for March:

If you want my cute kids as your desktop background, leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you 🙂  I think it turned out so sweet!!  I might have to try digital scrapbooking!  Or, if you’ve got cute kid pics you want in there, I can do it for you if you send me the pics.  But who would want anyone but my cuties? 🙂 

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A moment of panic

5th March 2008

When it gets too quiet around here, I get worried.  Analise was playing in the hallway, and I’d been taking care of something at the other end of the house.  I went in search of Josiah.  Not in his room, not in Analise’s room, not in my room… but the door to my bathroom was closed, and I heard him chattering in there, bumping against the door.  I tried to open it… it was locked!  AG!

Momentary panic ensued as I rattled hard, begged him to unlock it, shook the door.  Of course, nothing happened.  Josiah started to get a bit upset.  I called Tom, and he told me to find my tiniest screw driver to see if I could get it in the lock to open it.  The first one didn’t fit, and I didn’t have much hope that we had anything else.  And I was not pleased… my bathroom is probably the LEAST clean place in the house.  I clean it about half as often as the other bathroom, so the thought of J in there for an extended period of time was not fun.

But the 2nd screwdriver slipped right in and turned the lock easily.  Whew!  Josiah was pretty distressed by now, but not so happy to get the stern words I had for him and then get swept off to the other bathroom for a thorough cleaning. 

I also now know that we’ve got little "key" on the top of the outer doorjamb in the hallway.  Good to know!

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Another W! and a cute Analise story

4th March 2008

Brian’s second race of the season was yesterday.  It was #2 in the series of 3 training races starting off the season.  Long story short… he’d hoped to launch one of his teammates into the breakaway, but that didn’t pan out very well.  So Brian took off with another guy on his wheel, and the two of them broke away, and Brian won the sprint.  Another win!  Another $25!  Hehe.  Hopefully the good riding will continue and the prize money will get a little better 🙂

Last night was another stormy night, nearly identical to last week.  No tornado sirens, though, thankfully.  But Analise doesn’t like thunder, so she was in and out of our bed several times.  We’ve struggled with her dragging bedtime out, with one request after another, up and down.  Tonight, she was really good, though, only getting out of bed once to tell me something.  Yeah! 

Her teacher told me about this moment from school:
Analise and her friend Laurel got into a little disagreement, and Analise was upset.  She cried a little to Miss Brenda, and told her, "I don’t like Laurel.  I don’t want to sit by her.  I don’t want to be her friend."
Miss Brenda said, "Now, Analise, what does our Bible verse say about that?"
Analise sighed a BIG sigh. "Be kind to one another."
Miss Brenda: "Yes, and is it kind to say that you don’t want to be her friend?"
Another BIG sigh from Analise. "No.  But sometimes my mouth says things that my head doesn’t want to say." 
How true is that, from the mouth of a 3 1/2 year old??

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