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Off to the Races! The NORTHERN races :)

6th June 2008

Ok, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since we packed up the car and went somewhere, so of course, the travel bug has bitten us again.  But seriously.  We’re leaving tomorrow am for St. Louis, where Brian’s racing a BIG $$ race (the Tour de Winghaven) on Sunday.  We’ve got a 4-star hotel right next to the Arch tomorrow night, thanks to Priceline.  Aside from the fact that anything in the top 20 pays VERY well, Brian’s hoping – planning – to qualify for the pro/elite Nature Valley Grand Prix in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.  (We’ll post lots more details on this soon!  VERY EXCITING that Brian will probably get to race with the very top pros in the US!)  So we’re leaving from St. Louis, passing through Platteville, WI to see Anna and Hal who are moving to Auburn, Washington next week, and and then we’re heading up to the Twin Cities for the race from Wednesday to Sunday.   We’ll steal a couple short days in Shell Lake before heading home to be back by June 18th.  Brian’s got students waiting to do research with him.  The summer of a professor isn’t quit all care-free!

Usually we travel in Brian’s parents’ car, but this time we’re taking our smaller, cozier, more gas-friendly car.  Should be fun 🙂  We do have a portable DVD player, which is a must to keep the kids happy on the marathon trip.  But they’re good travelers, and we’re getting good at this. 

I’d love to post more, but I’ve got to get packing.  We’ll post more from the road!

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Wild Party Time at the Zoo!

1st June 2008

We started the busy birthday month of June a day early yesterday with a party at the Birmingham Zoo.  We combined our party with our good friends, Lauren & Anna, who were turning 4 and 2, as well.  Although it was probably 90 degrees yesterday afternoon, our party was at 9:30am, and we finished it off splashing in the water.  We had such a fun time!  I’m sure it’s only the first of many birthday celebrations we’ll find excuses for this month!

We started off with a ride on the carousel, then we had a visit from a zoo volunteer who brought some animal guests!  Kellogg, the corn snake, Miss Lily, the tortoise, and Squeakers, the guinea pig were fun to see up close and touch.  Then we enjoyed our cake, ice cream and drinks before heading off to the zoo train.  Last, we cooled off in the splash pad.  We actually didn’t go around to see any animals, except the ones on our way to the places.  But we have a membership so we can go anytime, and this was fun to enjoy the zoo activities with friends… and escape before the full heat of the day zapped us completely. 

Quick disclaimer… my kids are so cute lately, but the pictures don’t do them justice 🙂  Neither of them were at their smiley-est yesterday, though they did have a super fun time.  

Josiah’s first ride on the carousel!  He was wide-eyed the whole time. 

Analise, Lauren, Anna, Josiah and with Kim and I. 
Yes, Josiah’s ready to dig into the zebra cake, which was incredibly tasty.

Analise and Lauren looking on while Drew, our zoo guide, got the candles lit. 

Leaning in to blow out the candles… 2, 2, 4, and 4. 

Josiah making serious work of his ice cream…

…and cake.  He was not particularly happy about the day until we got to this part.  He kept asking for "cake & cream".

Analise and her friend Laurel laughing with their sunglasses in front of the fish and turtle tank.

Not his best photo, but a rare one of Josiah and I.  Though he’s cute with his hat on, his hair has been so curly in the humidity. 
I love his little strawberry blonde curls!

Finishing off the party with some splashing.  His new swim trunks were a little big 🙂

Following his sister around, doin’ whatever she’s doing.

Analise got to play in the new Foam Zone, a huge blow-up pool area filled with bubbles. 
She smiled from ear-to-ear the whole time. 

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