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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Random pictures from life

26th February 2009

Here are some random pictures from life around the Toone house the past week or so!

4 Responses to “Random pictures from life”

  1. Dena Says:

    Flowers you picked in your yard?????????? we just had a winter weather advisory thru this morning w/ 6-10 inches of snow and blowing like crazy. If I had a car I wouldn’t have made it out of our road as it wasn’t plowed. Many schools closed or delayed. Flowers, good grief…. maybe in July!

  2. Sara Says:

    Such sweet pictures!

  3. AlisonRicci Says:

    Sweet pictureAlison

  4. ktoone Says:

    Dena – Yes, I was thinking of you and all our Northern readers when we posted those flowers. Crazy! If it makes you feel better, we could have snow this weekend! The poor daffodils have no idea what’s happening.

    Thanks, Sara and Alison!!

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