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On my wish list…

27th February 2009

Ok, humor me as I share one more giveaway with y’all!  This one is for a beautiful necklace from one of my very favorite Etsy shops, The Vintage Pearl.  I have had a necklace from her shop on my “wish list” for a long time, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for my upcoming birthday (hint, hint, honey!).  It sure would be fun to win one, though!  The one I’d love is actually not available right now, but you can see it on the right sidebar of her shop, the diamond shape with names on it and a pearl in the middle.  But these dainty hearts with initials would be nice, too…  I could make a long list!  (Oh and honey… the names I’d like on it are “Analise” and “Josiah”, hehe:) )

dainty hearts on a chain from The Vintage Pearl

dainty hearts on a chain from The Vintage Pearl

One Response to “On my wish list…”

  1. Michele K Says:

    oooooh I love that! I’m afraid to click over & see how much:) Yes Brian & Mike, these would make wonderful birthday, Mother’s Day or in my case new baby gifts!!!

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