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“Dangerous Cold!”

4th December 2006

That’s what the weatherman said it is this morning.  21 degrees.  Hmph.  I bet my readers from the Great North are falling off their chairs laughing.  To be truthful, he was saying that in reference to the wind chill, which makes it feel about 16 degrees.  Whew… almost unbearable. 

Brian bundled up for his ride to work.  Thankfully, we call him "Nanook of the North" when we’re up there, so I’m not worried about him.

Happy Monday!     

6 Responses to ““Dangerous Cold!””

  1. Dena Koehn Says:

    um, yeah, we were at like 14 during the day yesterday, not sure what it got down to last night. too bad it’s not so “dangerous” that we dont’ have to go to work :0)

  2. Kat Cardwell Says:

    So, if it’s dangerously cold with a windchill of 16 in AL, what does that make Duluth, which is currently sitting at 14 degrees, with a windchill of -1?

  3. Kristine Toone Says:

    Arctic! Uninhabitable! Whatever are you doing there?!?

  4. Brian "Arctic Survivor" Toone Says:

    -1 ??? that’s unspeakably cold. quick, build a fire! do whatever you can to stay warm!

  5. Tamara Buitenwerf Says:

    I totally agree with you Kristine… why in the world would Kat (or the rest of you in the past) have chosen to live there. It’s cold enough here without the negative wind chill. My cousin flew in from CA last night and thought 34 was too cold to take his pop out to the car with him. His hands were shaking, it was entertaining. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and a vest. It was nice out 🙂

  6. Sandy Cardwell Says:

    We are having our coldest day so far. It is about zero with a windchill or -17. Yes, ther is school and work today. Dale in California says that the temps have been in the 30’s in the morning, and people are out warming up their cars! How funny for us in Wisconsin! Actually, our temps are supposed to go back up to the 30’s or 40’s for next week. Still hoping for snow for Analise to go sledding at Christmas. We only have had a dusting of snow so far.

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