Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Tour de Tuscaloosa Criterium

24th March 2007

It was a tough race today, but I had awesome fans. Check out my two littlest fans!

I’ve included my heart rate data below. It’s a little tough to make out, but HR, altitude, and speed are all shown on this graph. The altitude peaks outline the 23 laps of the course. Interestingly, my altimeter isn’t particularly accurate as some laps I appear to have gone somewhat higher than other laps — even though it was the same course each time! If you are looking for trends, then note that my heart rate starts out particularly high but then gradually drops before peaking again when I broke away with about 6 laps to go and then soloed in for the last 4 laps. Below the graph, I have listed all the summary information for the graph.

Duration 0:56:05   
Sampling Rate 5 s 
Energy Expenditure 709 kcal 
Number of Heart Beats 9604 beats 
Minimum Heart Rate 102 bpm 
Average Heart Rate 171 bpm 
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm 
Standard Deviation 9.0 bpm 
Minimum Speed 12.1 mph 
Average Speed  23.0 mph 
Maximum Speed   34.8 mph 
Distance  21.5 miles 
Odometer 700 miles 
Minimum Altitude  95 ft 
Average Altitude  140 ft 
Maximum Altitude  175 ft 
Ascent 1450 ft       

How is this for a crazy intersection??? This was in Tuscaloosa on our way to the crit.

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