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Making progress!

28th March 2007

It seems like the past few days have been full of small victories.  Analise has decided she’s ready to be done with diapers – FINALLY – and she’s telling me she has to go potty.  She’s even dry in the morning.  I’m very proud of her, and we haven’t had an accident since late last week.  Yeah!  And even better, my little ones are sleeping well.  WOOHOO!  Saturday night, Josiah went to sleep at 6:30, only waking once, and we had to wake him to go to the bike race Sunday morning.  Sunday night, he woke once, at midnight.  The last two nights, he has slept completely through the night, from 7pm to 7am or later.  Yeah!  I’m feeling much more rested.  Except.  That I came down with the sinus junk that poor Analise and Josiah had last week. 

Yesterday was a comedy of errors trying to find a walk-in clinic to see a doctor.  It finally convinced me I needed to find myself a regular doctor, whether or not they’d see me soon for whatever is ailing me now.  Thankfully, I’ve got an appointment today.  Have I mentioned before it’s really hard to be a sick Mommy? 

But I did get caught up on a little bit of computer stuff yesterday, so here are some Josiah pictures from the weekend. 

Josiah’s first taste of Wisconsin cheese.  Really… he was much more impressed than the photo shows. 
(It’s notable that later in the day, he also experienced the ultimate "fake" cheese in a Cheeto. 
No, I don’t regularly give my baby Cheetos… he stole one from Analise when we were out at Roly Poly for sandwiches.)

I’m not sure how he got in there…

A couple from the weekend watching Brian race.

And after the race…(this is how I felt, too)

3 Responses to “Making progress!”

  1. alison Says:

    Cute Pricture Josiah
    Good job annless with no Diapers

  2. steve Says:

    I think California cheese would make Josiah happy. He doesnt look too impressed–the picture says it all.

  3. Kristine Toone Says:

    I say no more good, tasty Wisconsin cheese for you, Steve. We’re cutting you off!

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