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A Darn Good Day (and night!)

29th March 2007

Besides the fact that I’m still dragging from my sinus infection, it’s a Darn Good Day.  Let me chronicle it for you…

  • A full night’s sleep, waking up on our own time, with just 2 of us in the bed.  That’s wonderfully restful! (That’s 3 full night’s sleep in a row, though probably no one but me is counting!)
  • After that great sleep, I felt good enough to start my day by 6:15 or so before the kids got up, with a leisurely shower and even time to blow-dry my hair.
  • A few quiet minutes for my quiet time.  Man, it’s been a long time since I was able to read my bible and have a few quiet minutes to pray BEFORE the day really got going!
  • Time to make myself a cafe-caliber coffee drink a lovely skillet breakfast for Brian before the kids got up .  
  • Analise woke up dry at 7:15 and ate her whole breakfast.  Josiah woke up at 7:30am, happy and hungry.  
  • Got the kiddos all dressed and ready to go, Brian off to school in plenty of time.  Josiah and I took Analise to school before heading off to the doctor.  He’s been a little feverish and tired with this cold, and it turns out he’s got an ear infection that’s almost gone.  No antibiotics… he’s a trooper.
  • The doctor’s visit was quick enough so that I could make a quick stop at Michael’s for some Easter craft supplies.  Man, I could spend a lot of time and a lot of money in there…
  • By the time we were done at Michael’s, though, Josiah and I were WIPED OUT and I was feeling pretty bad from being sick.  He crashed for a nap, but I headed to Analise’s class to help her teacher out for an hour and a half.  
  • Her class of 7 two-year old’s was VERY well-behaved.  Analise was very good, and there were NO tears by anyone in the time I was there.  Quite different from home…  But her teacher said she’s very very well behaved, and very smart.  I knew the smart part, but I’m so glad to hear that she’s well-behaved when she’s with others.  Makes me feel better about my parenting to know that the drama and moments we have at home are not extending to other places.  I guess she’s just testing her boundaries with us, and we’re learning to make them more concrete.  Funny moment… we were on the playground with another class.  There was a big orange plastic boat-thing, that rocked and had seats in it.  We had played on that.  But a little boy kept telling me about something orange.  I couldn’t make it out, and a couple kids kept pulling me over there, and finally I heard the boy say, "orange slide".  I realized the kids were trying to tell/show me that the boat flipped over to be a slide!  How many two-year olds does it take to commuicate something like that?!?  Obviously, 5-6… too bad Analise wouldn’t translate for me!
  • We also had the a/c repairman here to check our system since it’s been on for days not really seeming to cool the house.  Thank goodness the system’s under warranty, and it was a quick fix for no charge.  
  • My dad got great news about a job!  

So all in all, it’s been a Darn Good Day.  I’m ready to be done being sick, though.  I’ve got a sinus infection and a mild ear infection, and I came home from the doctor drugged up – a shot and 4 prescriptions!  Hopefully, this will keep me from getting the nasty cough that always plagues me after something like this.  It’s been a long week of being sick, but I’m so glad I’ve had good sleep at night!

Oh – Josiah note… he’s started waving a little, and yesterday I found him putting his blocks in a box!  He’s a genius! 🙂

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