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An extra hour of sleep?

3rd November 2007

Seriously… whoever invented this Daylight Savings Time must not have had kids.  Just a couple years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed the extra hour of sleep that "falling back" gave me.  Tonight, I’m wondering just how early my morning is going to come.  Josiah’s been waking before 6:30 lately, and that would translate to 5:30 or earlier tomorrow am.  If I wanted an extra hour of sleep, I should have gone to sleep when Analise did.  That would have given me an extra couple of hours:)  Hope everyone else enjoys an extra hour or so for me…    

One Response to “An extra hour of sleep?”

  1. Kristine Toone Says:

    Update: Josiah was up exactly as I predicted at 5:40am, wide awake and rarin’ to go. He climbed all over us in our bed for a few minutes, before I grudgingly got up with him, heading to the living room. I’ll admit I stole another half an hour of sleep on the living room couch while he played… And we’re all off this dark evening. Brian’s ready for bed at 9pm, and I’m following him to snuggle up with a good book. My fingers are crossed we’ll all sleep better tonight…

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