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Daddy fall colors adventure

4th November 2007

Kristine had a party to go to yesterday afternoon, so I had the kids to myself. See pictures from our fun fall adventure below!

bright leaves
While the kids were playing on the playground, I tried to take a few
pictures of the fall leaves all lit up by the setting sun.

bright greens and red
Bright reds and greens.

our transportation over
Here’s how I got both kids through the woods over to the playground.

Pretty yellow leaves on our walk over to the playground.

josiah snuggling
I knew it was time to leave when Josiah got very snuggly.

few leaves left
It’s interesting this year — some trees have lost almost all there leaves, while others
haven’t even started turning yet. Here you can see a tree with just a few of its leaves left
and yet in the background are some green trees that haven’t even started to turn!

brave chipmunk
This chipmunk came right up to our door while we were taking pictures of the squirrel. Brave little fella!

squirrel eating on the base of our bird bath
This squirrel was chowing down on a nut for several minutes on the base of our bird bath.

One Response to “Daddy fall colors adventure”

  1. Kristine Toone Says:

    Seriously, he was SuperDad:) It was after naps, which is usually grumpy time for A & J, but Brian kept them busy and happy, got them fed and bathed, and Josiah was waiting for me to put him to bed when I got home. I was so impressed!!

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