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Babyproofing gone bad

8th November 2007

Um, yes… the baby is supposed to be on the OTHER side of the fireplace gate.

Now, he’s stuck, trying to get out. We still don’t know how exactly he got in there!
Hope we can get this gate Josiah-proof before we start building fires.
I tell you, we NEVER had problems like this with Analise.

And one last picture, for those lucky ones who got this far… my new haircut:

3 Responses to “Babyproofing gone bad”

  1. Anna DeLaRosby Says:

    I love the haircut!!!

  2. Sandy Cardwell Says:

    Cute haircut. You and Katie will look like twins. Hers is just a little shorter.

  3. Robyn Joy Sjostrom Says:

    You’re beautiful!! Love the hair!!

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