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Peace & quiet on a Friday night

17th October 2008

Today was unusual as I picked Analise up and the three of us went to do some errands.  Normally, we head straight home to naptime, which both of my kids still desperately need.  They were fairly good as we did our business, and we ended up at Chik-Fil-A for a mid-afternoon ice cream & play break.

I told them that tomorrow we’d be going to a fall festival, and that Snow White was going to be there.  I expected an excited response.

Analise, though, was not impressed.

“Is Belle going to be there?”

“Nope, just Snow White.”

“What about Cinderella?  I want to see Cinderella.”

“Sorry, sweetheart, just Snow White.”

“Aurora or Ariel?”

“No, Analise.  Just Snow White.”

“I don’t want to see Snow White.  I don’t like her.”  Which, oddly enough, I could have almost guessed she’d say, as I think Snow White is her least favorite princess.

“Ok, Josiah and I will see Snow White and you can go walk around with Grandma.  What do you think, Josiah?”

“I wike Snow White!” he said enthusiastically.  That’s my boy 🙂  Thankfully, though he likes princesses, he’d still be more excited to see Thomas the Train.

The kids went into the play area with Analise grumbling about wanting to see other princesses.  A moment later, though, she popped her head out.

“Ok, I’ve decided to give Snow White a chance.”  I couldn’t help laughing.  If it’s least-favorite-princess versus no-princess, of course she’d choose princess.  And when did she learn to “give something a chance?”  🙂

After a no-nap afternoon, the kids had a burst of energy around dinner and danced and sang for us after we ate.  There was still a lot of grumbling on Josiah’s part at bedtime, but when I put him into his crib, he collapsed onto his belly with his face in the blanket, without so much as a whimper.  Analise complacently settled into her bedroom, and after only 2-get-ups, she was asleep well before 8pm.

I’ve got the Friday evening to myself!  And though it appeared Brian was going to work all evening, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets on, and it wasn’t hard to convince him to come watch a few minutes.  I’d better go snuggle before he pulls himself away!

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