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Pigtails and more pictures

4th May 2006

Finally my beautiful little girl’s hair is long enough for pigtails. Oh my goodness, I just can’t help grinning everytime I look at her – she’s so cute with the little curls bouncing around! I love it! It was hard to snag a picture of her, though. Here’s the two best!

Gardening with Bwaca
I can’t remember if I’ve posted this or not, but Analise has decided on names for Grandma – Bwaca – and Grandpa – Boppa. I tell ya, it doesn’t matter what you decide ahead of time you want them to be called… children are going to put their own names on them!
Anyway, here are a few cute pictures from Analise’s afternoon of gardening with Bwaca earlier this week. She just loves to be in the dirt doing exactly what Grandma does!

Back as a baby, we got a set of 3 bible CD’s as a gift for Analise. For some unknown reason, I’ve not opened it until now. I started playing the CD instead of my music, the TV or nothing, and Analise LOVES the music! Every time a song ends, she’ll say, “moh singing!”. I play it in the DVD player, so it plays through the TV. Now if we even turn on the TV, she’ll say, “singing??”. Last night we were in the car, playing one of her CDs on our way home from an evening out (to the sno-cone place, my newest addiction, and Walmart – how’s that for a night out?). She fell asleep while the CD was playing and we were driving home. We pulled into the garage, turned the music and car off, and suddenly we hear this groggy, “moh singing…” from the backseat. It was so funny – sound asleep and she still noticed it was over. If anyone has any unused kids’s music CD’s – even Veggie Tales! – and cares to send them our way, Analise would love it!

Baby Shower Moments
I was recounting to Brian a couple funny moments from the baby shower on Monday and thought I’d share them with you. First, I have to admit, I’ve been going to the women’s mission group for a year or more now, but I’m still terrible with names. It varies from month to month as to who is there and who isn’t, and seeing people only once a month or less doesn’t help me retain their names. So as I was opening gifts, I didn’t know who some… well, most of the gifts were from, and unfortunately, Beverly was not sitting next to me to save me. So I thought I’d ask the lady who was writing down what the gifts were/who they were from. I read the first card out loud – “Best wishes from Joyce Marcus” and I asked her who Joyce Marcus was. “That’s me,” was her reply. Oh, goodness, was I embarrassed. (Beverly did tell me that she’s not been there in several months, so it’s not surprising that I didn’t know her, but I still feel bad!
The other funny moment was when I pulled a towel/washcloth set out of a bag. I was holding it up for everyone, and a frame slide out from the folds of the towel. I showed it off, and said thank you, but noticed that it still had the tag on it, and wondered… After the shower, the lady who’d given me the towel came over sheepishly and said she was so embarrassed to tell me that she hadn’t meant for the frame to be in there. I had guessed that might be the case, and told her it was no big deal. She felt terrible, but her granddaughter had picked it out when they were shopping, and when they got home, they’d looked all over and couldn’t find it. So she really wanted to be able to give it to her.

Ok, we’re off to have a quiet day here, picking up a little around the house to get ready for home church, and maybe venturing out for a birthday gift that I need to pick up. Hope you’ve enjoyed my random chit-chat and photos!

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Oh Baby:)

3rd May 2006

Today was my 35-week appointment with my regular OB, Dr. Lyle. Two weeks ago, I’d seen another doctor in the practice, who wasn’t sure that our little boy was in the right head-down position. He’s a lively little one, though, so I wondered if he’d flip-flopped himself since then. Dr. Lyle wasn’t sure by his poking and prodding, so we had an ultrasound that Brian managed to join me for. Sure enough, lour little one is breech, with his butt down, and head comfortably under my rib cage, where he regularly head-butts me. He’s measuring at about 5lbs, and my due has slid around so many times, I’m not sure where they’ll put it offically on my chart. But today’s measurements estimated a due date of June 10th. I’ve got another appointment next week, and probably another ultrasound in 2 weeks or so. In any case, we can cross our fingers that he’ll somersault, otherwise we’ll be talking about scheduling a c-section 5-10 days early. Turn, baby, turn! It was fun to see his little profile on the ultrasound, though. Can’t wait to meet him! Oh, and in case you were wondering… it’s still VERY MUCH a little boy:)

I also wanted to add this little link that tells/shows what babies are like at various weeks of fetal development. It’s at 34/35 weeks, which is right about where I am.

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Wish I could do more!

2nd May 2006

First off, Corrie asked in the last post what kinds of things I got as gifts at the baby shower. We got some nice onesie’s and sleepers, all in varying sizes, which is SO useful, to have bigger stuff in the closet ready for when we’re running out of room in the newborn size:) We got 3 handmade receiving blankets (2 flannel, 1 cotton) that are SO soft. A friend had called me last week to meet her at Hancock Fabrics so I could pick out fabric for a quilt she wanted to make for the baby. So yesterday, though the quilt isn’t quite done, she had the finished quilt top, which is BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to post a picture of it! The main fabric is a rainbow paint splatter, and then the coordinating fabrics are red, yellow, green, blue and orange prints. I can’t wait to see the finished product! We got some wipes, towels and washcloths, and a few books. We also got a cute little Precious Moment’s little baby boy doll that prays, and Analise has taken quite a liking to him. She really likes the fact that he prays. She can’t always squeeze him to make it work, so she’ll say, “more amen!” to get me to do it:)

Today I managed to get to my swim class. Ahhh… what a relief. We came home to find that Brian’s parents had been here working on our yard – mowing, raking the flower beds, trimming, etc. Beverly came back this afternoon and spent several hours planting flowers in the beds, and Analise had quite a fun time digging with her. I’ll post some pictures later tonight:) It’s so frustrating, though, because I wish I could be more help. I’d love to be down there helping out weeding, raking, etc, but honestly… it’s all I can m anage to sweep off the front porch before my back is hurting too bad. So I spent most of the afternoon on the porch trying to keep Analise from moving too much good potting soil from the flower bed to the grass. *sigh* I’m ready to get a normal non-pregnant body back.

Now that the whining’s done, I’m so very thankful for the help and our beautiful yard!! My in-laws are great!!

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Sweet Baby Surprise

1st May 2006

I’m a part of the a women’s mission group at Brian’s parents church, Lakeside. I also help present the monthly program occassionally. This month’s program was planned ahead of time, and I had determined that I probably was going to NOT go, because it conflicts with my swim class, which I’m desperate for these days. Last week, though, the director called and asked if I’d be willing to run the meeting, since her mother is in the hospital and being transferred to a nursing home. Of course, I said yes. It’s not like it was going to be much work… I just had to do the welcome, prayer, announcements, etc. I just was not thrilled to “have” to go, when I really wanted to be at my swim class.

Well, today dawned, and I managed to get Analise and I over there. The meeting went smoothly, ‘cept that there were no refreshments set out, which seemed a little odd. I just figured they’d been forgotten. At the end of the meeting, though, someone piped up and said there were refreshments waiting for us in the next room. I was ready to dash off and pick up Analise from the child care, but Brian’s mom nudged me in to get something to eat. Surprise… a baby shower was waiting for me! It was so sweet. We got some really nice things, plenty of blue to balance out all the pink we have leftover from Analise. I think this is starting to make it feel real that we have a little one arriving in the next month or so!

It was a fun surprise:) I feel bad that I hadn’t wanted to go, but boy, what a sweet bunch of ladies!

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