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Sweet Baby Surprise

1st May 2006

I’m a part of the a women’s mission group at Brian’s parents church, Lakeside. I also help present the monthly program occassionally. This month’s program was planned ahead of time, and I had determined that I probably was going to NOT go, because it conflicts with my swim class, which I’m desperate for these days. Last week, though, the director called and asked if I’d be willing to run the meeting, since her mother is in the hospital and being transferred to a nursing home. Of course, I said yes. It’s not like it was going to be much work… I just had to do the welcome, prayer, announcements, etc. I just was not thrilled to “have” to go, when I really wanted to be at my swim class.

Well, today dawned, and I managed to get Analise and I over there. The meeting went smoothly, ‘cept that there were no refreshments set out, which seemed a little odd. I just figured they’d been forgotten. At the end of the meeting, though, someone piped up and said there were refreshments waiting for us in the next room. I was ready to dash off and pick up Analise from the child care, but Brian’s mom nudged me in to get something to eat. Surprise… a baby shower was waiting for me! It was so sweet. We got some really nice things, plenty of blue to balance out all the pink we have leftover from Analise. I think this is starting to make it feel real that we have a little one arriving in the next month or so!

It was a fun surprise:) I feel bad that I hadn’t wanted to go, but boy, what a sweet bunch of ladies!

2 Responses to “Sweet Baby Surprise”

  1. Corrie Says:

    How nice of them! What were some of the fun things you got?

  2. tb Says:

    that is pretty cool that they through you a party. good thing that you “had” to go!

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