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A quiet week

28th April 2006

Besides the busy day of ice cream on Tuesday, not much has been going on around the Toone household. I’m trying to be better about not overdoing so that in the evenings I’m not feeling too bad. I’ve had some nice quiet afternoons scrapbooking, while Analise plays around my feet – literally. In case you missed the photo in the 39 Easter Photo post, she’s quite infatuated with toes lately. She wakes up from snuggling in our bed in the mornings or after a nap saying, “Whe’s toes?” and goes looking for our feet. Then she always says, “Hey, toes!” I think she’s particularly pleased with my toes… they look really nice after my pedicure on our trip last weekend:) But if I’m at the computer or the table scrapbooking, she enjoys coming to play with my toes every so often.

Anyway, it’s been nice to be scrapbooking. I’ve got tons of fun scrapbooking stuff that I’m always looking to use, and I’ve got loads of photos from Analise’s early days to use. Tonight we’re going to the Spring Fling at Brian’s parents church. Games, booths, pizza, popcorn and hot dogs… should be fun. Then I think we’ve got some errands to run that I’ve been avoiding doing by myself. Groceries and Home Depot – how’s that sound for a fun Friday night?

Tomorrow Brian has a meeting at church in the morning, and then we’ll head to Oak Mountain State Park for a Samford Computer Science Department picnic. Should be a nice day!

Have I mentioned that my husband is amazing and is taking such good care of me? He’s doing so much lately, and this is his busiest time of year at school. He’s awesome… I hope he knows how much I appreciate him!

4 Responses to “A quiet week”

  1. Aunt Kat Says:

    I wonder if analise will be a podiatrist when she grows up

  2. Brian Says:

    It might be a bit disconcerting, though, if one of her patient’s sits down and Analise starts out the visit with “Hey Toes” 🙂

  3. Anna Says:

    I like feet too, I think. At least the feet of my classmates, whom I have inspected at regular intervals throughout the last semester. Ahh, PT school.

    In any case, I found this picture for Analise…

  4. Anna- Again Says:


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