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4 months already…

9th October 2006

Yes, 2 posts in less than 24 hours. I’m trying to recpature some of the readers who I’ve probably lost with my infrequent posting over the last month. Nothing draws ’em in like cute kid pictures… So here you go!

Josiah is 4 months old today! Amazing. I can’t believe how the time has flown since June 9th (click for a recap!). It’s truly mind boggling to think how much they change from birth to 4 months. I love watching his personality develop. He’s a very mellow boy. He likes to be close to you, and still chooses to fall asleep snuggled on my chest, probably ingrained from his first moments snuggling on my chest just minutes after he was born. He’s still got beautiful blue eyes, and I think they may stay that way. Both Brian and Analise have brown eyes, and mine are greenish, though Aunt Kat (my sister) and Uncle Matthew (Brian’s brother) both have blue eyes. He loves to smile a big open-mouth smile. He’ll laugh if you kiss him in the right place. He loves to bounce around in his jumper, and he likes to make howling cat noises just to hear himself… or maybe to make sure we’re not forgetting he’s here?

We had some fun this morning in the fall sunshine. Analise was a good sport, and I thought I’d include all the pictures of her various faces while trying to get a "good" smile. She’s quite the cutie today!

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Happy Columbus Day:)

8th October 2006

First off, here’s a couple cute pictures of Analise holding Josiah. He’s almost too big for her already! She loves to be close to him, though, and they sure are sweet together.

Next a few more pictures from the pumpkin patch last weekend. If you’d like some comparison, you can see pictures of Analise from last year’s pumpkin patch adventure here. She has grown up so much in a year! It’s amazing! I got very distracted by the old blogs when I was searching for that. Even though some days seem to last forever… time still flies by faster than we realize! Back to the pumpkin patch…

We just got a new double jogging stroller! I’m so excited! It’s very comfortable, and it’s not nearly as hard to push around our hilly neighborhood as I imagined. Now we can get out for some good long walks! I’m pleased to note that I’m within 1.5lbs of my pre-Josiah-pregnancy weight (which happened to be about 8lbs over my pre-Analise weight, so I’ve still got a few stubborn pounds to go) which makes me feel pretty good about myself. Clothes are fitting better, and if I can get rid of a couple more, it might warrant some new ones that fit even better! Now if only I could firm up this the soft-post-baby-belly… Hopefully, our stroller will help this out! Analise is so cute, though, as she really likes to hold Josiah’s hand during our walks.

Not much too relate here. It’s been a busy weekend, sort of. We had a pretty relaxing day here with a long walk and a trip to the playground. Today we had a home church ministry lunch after church and then a birthday party for Analise’s friend… at another playground. Analise is a playground MASTER. She loves the slides, especially the big ones. She can climb the ladder, she likes to swing HIGH, and she scaled the little plastic rock wall on the playground in like 10 seconds (because the slide was at the top). She’s singing all the time, particularly “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”, “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Twinkle Twinkle”. She’s very good at trying to make Josiah happy with her songs when he’s screaming in the car. It’s kind of comical, which is nice, because the screaming could stress you out.

Hopefully I’ll get back to post this week. But if I don’t, we’re excitedly planning a trip to South Carolina next weekend because Brian has Monday and Tuesday off. We’ve got reservations at a great looking bed & breakfast with awesome weekday reduced rates. Brian’s planning his 5 hour 100-mile bike ride through the mountains, and we’re going to enjoy relaxing in our little cottage. We’ll probably visit an apple orchard, too.

I’ll leave you with a couple cute pictures. Enjoy!

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Pick a pretty pumpkin!

1st October 2006

Another busy week and weekend here. I don’t have time right now for the recap, but we’re almost all healthy and happy. Just a couple quick pictures of the highlight of the weekend – a trip to Old Baker Farm to pick our pumpkins! Above is the cutest one… Josiah just settled right into the pumpkins when I perched him there. I have 6 photos that are all cute, but this is the best. He was happy the whole time, even as he was sliding down between them! We caught a few Analise smiles below and one family photo. MAN – it’s hard to get a family picture with two squirming little ones! The last picture is of Josiah this evening in a cute smocked outfit someone gave us. He was an especially handsome little guy today! Hopefully these will whet your appetite for more, and hopefully I’ll be able to check back in tomorrow or Tuesday with some chit-chat.

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