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Is it Monday already?

15th April 2007

Well, not quite… but it will be by the time most of you read this.  It’s been a relatively quiet weekend. 

The week ended with more sickness…a fussy Josiah – whom the doctor didn’t find anything wrong with, though he has lost a full pound since his 9 month check-up, maybe due to the lingering stomach bug – and a congested Brian, who is on all kinds of meds for the same sinus infection that plagued Analise and I.  Josiah’s been really grumpy and not sleeping well, which is painful since we’re just adjusting to good sleep again.  But Brian and I escaped Friday night for a great leadership conference at our church.  Brian went back on Saturday morning, while I had a leisurely day not doing all sorts of things, instead doing relaxing things like working on Analise’s smocked dress (only about 25% complete) and watching Mad About You episodes.

After a terrible night’s sleep due to a fussy baby, Brian left at 5:30am for a bike race in Chattanooga with his dad.  Not sure if he’ll post or not, but it was not one of his best days.  It was in the 30’s, with sleet and some snow flurries, and he felt bad from his sinus infection.  Hopefully, he can sleep it off tonight, get over being sick, and be ready for some fast riding this coming weekend at a big series of races in Mississippi. 

I had a pretty good day with my kiddos at church, taking care of kids in the nursery during the early service.  Analise and I went to Kid’s Clubhouse, our children’s worship time, and she danced and sang like crazy with the big kids.  Josiah, though, had woken at 5am, and he couldn’t be convinced to nap in the nursery, so we had to sneak out before I could go to the 2nd service. 

We just enjoyed 2 amazing episodes of Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel.  If you can watch some if it, we highly recommend it!  We’ve learned so much!

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Birthday/Easter Wrap-up

11th April 2007

Whew… what a week!  We’ve had fun celebrating my birthday as well as spending a busy week with all the Easter festivities, and enjoying church to remember the true joy we celebrate all year long… Christ is risen!  I love it when my birthday falls so close to Easter!  Here’s the summaries…

Analise baking my birthday cake, and the final product, below.

My birthday… this was a sweet, sweet birthday.  I’m 31 (can you believe it? that sounds so old!).  Brian got me a beautiful "Trust in the Lord" metal wall hanging, that I’ve been wanting for a long time.  It’s hanging in our stairwell to the basement, which you can see through our front door (the door to the basement is glass).  My mom gave me some $$ for a shopping spree, which was a real treat!  Kat gave me Season 3 of Mad About You, which Brian and I have already been enjoying.  Toones gave me a beautiful crystal cross to add to my collection.  Dena gave me a gift certificate to a spa… she’s a mom – she KNOWS what a mom needs!  Anna gave me a stylish pursh… nice to have something that doesn’t shout "I’m a mom – I’ve got diapers, wipes, toys and snacks galore with me at all times!"  To top it all off, I was with my sisters on my birthday… a rare occurance!  I’m so glad I got to see them!  Seeing them makes me miss them even more, though…  All in all it was a GREAT birthday!  Thanks, everyone!

Like Kat’s new haircut?  Makes us look even more like sisters!

Our family in Indiana always has a BIG Easter Egg Hunt, and it was fun to enjoy it with our kiddos.  In spite of the 30degree weather and blowing snow, Analise and I hopped around picking up our loot.  She was overwhelmed with all the candy options, but we’ve manged to dole it out pretty strictly.  Between my cousins and I, there were 7 kids under 7, I believe.  Add in the "big kids" and adults and there were 23 people there in all.  We celebrated my birthday again with cheesecake. 

Analise hatching an egg at Toones before Easter.

Not a bad family picture, as hard as it is to get us all looking at the camera!

We stayed in my Grandma’s old house, which is empty.  It was as good as a hotel, and we were able to put Josiah in his own quiet room, have a bathroom to ourselves, and even pick up free wireless from somewhere.  Easter morning, we went to Grandma’s church, and in the afternoon, after everyone else had gone home, we moved over to Grandma’s to spend some extra time with her and Charlie.  We had a fun, family-filled weekend.  It was a LOT of travel for such a short time, but it really was so great to be with my family.  The only people missing were my mom and dad, spending an Easter weekend together in California, before he moves back to start a new job at the University of Minnesota in May. 

Other fun notes… we learned some good lessons from hearing Veggie Tales’ Gideon and the Tuba Warrior 3 times back-to-back-to-back.  Specifically, "It’s a good thing God has patience, man, because I’m sure losing mine," and "If you want to hear God say ‘well done!’, you have to do what He asks."  Good stuff!

Josiah’s a budding Mozart!  He loves to play… on his tip-toes with the very tips of his little fingers.
Above is our piano, and below is at my Aunt Connie’s this weekend.

Analise and Mia enjoyed singing and playing together.  Analise was singing excerpts from her
Veggie Tales Worship songs, and Mia kept asking, "Where’d she learn that song?  and that one?"  Very sweet.

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Happy Birthday Kristine — and an Easter Family Visit

7th April 2007

First, let me give a shout out to my beautiful wife since today is her birthday …

Happy Birthday, Kristine! 🙂

Hi everyone … here is a quick post with an update. We made it to Indiana after a 14 hour drive! The last part of the drive was through near white-out conditions from heavy snow. It was light, fluffy snow that didn’t stick very well to the roads, but the wind was blowing so hard and the snow was so heavy it was hard to make out where the road was! This was only as we got close to La Porte, so most of the drive was fine — tons of traffic on the roads though. We left Birmingham in cool, but tolerable mid 50’s and arrived in La Porte with snow and 25 degree temp. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Kristine snapped this picture of our irises blooming right as we were pulling out of the driveway.

Here we made it to Nashville and were surprised by a few bursts of snow just three hours north of Birmingham!

When we finally made it to La Porte, IN at 3AM, this is what the streets looked like.

This is what it looked like this morning when we woke up.

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6th April 2007

Yesterday, on my way home from school, I had a really close encounter with a large red-tailed hawk. I was riding my bike down Hackberry Lane which is a steep downhill not too far from home. I noticed out of my left eye a large bird swooping down the mountain just in front of me and to the left. He was mostly parallel to me but angled a little bit as if he was going to cross the road at a shallow angle, but I was going just a little bit faster (about 48 mph) so we were headed for a collision. The hawk saw me at the last moment and made a sudden jerk back to the left and stayed parallel before pulling up to land on a tree. It was so cool! Beautiful, large bird covered in brown feathers — I’m glad I didn’t hit it. I think we both would have been down for the count!

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“Happy Hour” at the Toones?

5th April 2007

I need some help.  Not sure who out there might have the answers, but I’m open to any suggestions.  4-6pm are rough hours for us.  Analise usually wakes up needing attention, while I really need to be turning my attention to dinner.  Josiah’s getting tired from a long day, as his bedtime has set itself at about 6:30.  I love it when I have dinner in the slow-cooker early in the day, so there’s not much to be done to get it on the table, but what about the other days?

Tonight was just unbearable, and I even
had a movie on, and Josiah tied in a high chair with finger food. I thought I had
Analise all busy "cleaning" my refrigerator with a spray bottle of water while I created a gourmet
meal of fish-from-a-box and Velveta-Broccoli-Noodles-and-Cheese (this
is as "from-a-box" as I get for an entire dinner – not very often, but
sometimes necessary, since I had an evening home church leadership meeting here at 7:30pm).  Josiah had not had an afternoon nap (not usual, but happens sometimes), so
he was not happy even with food.  And Analise just could not be kept
entertained, even with a spray bottle and a movie playing.  And of course, Brian comes home, and I’m
giving Analise a stern talking to after a time-out, and she’s wailing,
and Josiah’s wailing. He asks what he can do to help, and really, all I
want is for him to take the kids out to dinner by HIMSELF, and I’ll
relax with my fish and noodles.

No really, in the end, we all ended up at the dinner table, though Josiah was still a grump.  The fish and noodles were good, and I’m glad that we set family meal times as a priority in our house.  I’m sure we’ll grow into them as my little ones grow up.  But right now, if you’ve got any suggestions, send them my way!

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On the Mend…

5th April 2007

April has been in like a lion.  Analise is spot-free, but her one throwing-up episode from Sunday morning must have been a nasty little bug.  Josiah started throwing up on Monday at noon, the little girl we were visiting got sick on Tuesday, Brian and I got sick on Tuesday, Brian’s dad and brother got sick yesterday.  YUCK!  I’m so thankful it was a very short-lived bug, but I felt like I got hit by a truck and just wanted to lay on the floor of the bathroom for several hours.  We’re all better, I think *fingers crossed*, just in time to get in the car tomorrow, drive 10 hours and spend Easter weekend with my family in Indiana. 

Other than that, we’re just hanging on, hanging in.  I’m crawling out from under loads and loads of laundry, and getting us ready to go tomorrow.  Should be a fun weekend!

We miss our comment-ers!  Is there anyone out there?  Are we boring you?  Not enough pictures?  Tell us what you want to see! 

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Just another manic Monday…

2nd April 2007

Well, today was a bit comical.  I suppose I could have expected it after the events of the weekend.  Brian spent Saturday at Samford directing the Science Olympiad State Finals (which were a huge success – probably the smoothest it’s ever run).  Analise went to see a Miss PattyCake show with her grandparents in the morning, while Josiah and I relaxed and got caught up around the house.  In the afternoon, I took both of them to a friend’s 3rd birthday party and to Sonic for a quick dinner.  While they were both in the tub, I noticed Analise was breaking out with little pink spots all over her chest!  I had a panic moment when she started coughing, thinking she might be having an anaphylactic reaction, but she had just been licking bubbles off her fingers.  I got both kids out of the tub and gave her some Benadryl before calling the nurse.  The spots faded, and the nurse said not to worry and to keep giving her Benadryl as long as she wasn’t sick otherwise. 

Sunday morning, though, she threw up just after she got up.  I took Josiah to the early church service, while Brian took care of Analise.  She was perfectly fine all day.  No fever, no more throwing up, and just a couple tiny spots.  I had some "me" time on Sunday afternoon, on a little spring birthday shopping trip at JC Penny’s big sale.  After dinner, Analise started breaking out again, this time as Brian was watching her.  He was pretty alarmed to see how fast it happened.  We gave her Benadryl again, and by this morning, she was only a tiny bit spotty. 

We had been planning on visiting my friend, Kathy, and her kids Megan and Chase, today to do the thread Easter egg craft, and I’d been looking forward to it.  She said as long as Analise seemed healthy, she didn’t mind us coming.  Josiah was grumpy before his morning nap, but after he woke up, we headed out for a fun playdate. 

The craft was fun, though the girls didn’t want to get sticky from the glue-y thread, so mostly I crafted.  Josiah got a little grumpy, so while we were eating lunch, I started to give him some fruit puffs… but he threw up all over.  Poor guy just wanted to lay on my chest the rest of the time, so I chatted with Kathy while the girls played a bit longer. 

Funny playtime story… Analise has been wearing big-girl underwear for about a week now, with no accidents.  While she was upstairs playing, Megan came downstairs with a pair of her pink (4T) underwear, saying, "Analise wants to wear my pink underwear."  We tried to convince Analise that her Dora underwear was more exciting and appropriate because it was HERS, but she’d have nothing to do with it, and of course, Megan was campaiging that Analise wear her pink underwear, too.  So in the end, Analise ended up wearing Megan’s pink underwear.  After a little while, Megan and her brother came down telling us that Analise’s pink underwear was wet.  Of course, we thought she’d had an accident, though she’d just go to the bathroom when the first underwear exchange took place.  When Kathy went up to check on Analise, she found that Analise was indeed on the potty, and she hadn’t had an "accident" exactly, but she’d missed the potty a little and the pink underwear had gotten wet.  Thankfully, the original Dora underwear was dry, so she got to put it back on, grudgingly. 

Finally, we decided that poor Josiah deserved to rest at home, and we packed ourselved up to go.  As I went to start the car, I found that it was dead.  I’d left the lights on.  Goodness, this was becoming quite an adventure.  Thankfully, Kathy’s husband works from home, and he found the jumper cables and got me on my way in less than 5 minutes. 

Halfway home, Analise started to tell me she had to go potty, and I begged her to hold it until we got home.  Josiah was getting grumpy again, and Analise started complaining that she had an "itch".  When I glanced back at her, I saw patches of spots sprouting up on her arm and shoulder.  ARG. 

We made it home, not without a lot of fussing by both kids, and I managed to get Analise on the potty in time.  When I got Josiah, though, he was unhappy and not ready to be put down.  He wailed while I raced around trying to get Analise off the potty and get some more Benadryl into her.  He was warm, and when I got his diaper changed, I found he had a fever of 101.  Poor little guy.

My wonderful mother-in-law rescued me to hold him while I put Analise down for a nap and headed back to the doctor for myself.  My sinus infection is not cleared up, and I’ve still got an ear infection. 

The day has ended quite nicely, though, with dinner at Toones – steak on the grill.  Analise and I made a chocolate birthday cake this morning, and she sprinkled Easter sprinkles all over it for me, and insisted on the only candles we had… a "2", "3" and a "4".  It was the most enjoyable birthday cake I’ve ever made myself:) 

Hopefully, I’ve got a full night’s sleep in front of me (most night’s for the past week have been!).  Maybe we’ll wake up spot-free, and everyone will be healthy. That would be wonderful.  I’ll let you know…

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Picture catch-up

1st April 2007

Here are some photos from the past couple weeks. Enjoy! 

Analise rocking Hawaiian-style with her true princess Dora doll.

Analise in rain gear today to go outside for "just a couple minutes" (her words) to play on the swingset.

A team photo at the famous Dreamland Barbeque in Tuscaloosa celebrating some good race results.

Click on the picture above to see an annotated version with the names of everyone in the picture.

Kristine and I at the beginning of "Margarita Night" for our last home church meeting.

Me posing in front of a bicycle seat advertisment.

Lastly, a catepillar hotel we found on an evening walk through the woods.

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