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Just another manic Monday…

2nd April 2007

Well, today was a bit comical.  I suppose I could have expected it after the events of the weekend.  Brian spent Saturday at Samford directing the Science Olympiad State Finals (which were a huge success – probably the smoothest it’s ever run).  Analise went to see a Miss PattyCake show with her grandparents in the morning, while Josiah and I relaxed and got caught up around the house.  In the afternoon, I took both of them to a friend’s 3rd birthday party and to Sonic for a quick dinner.  While they were both in the tub, I noticed Analise was breaking out with little pink spots all over her chest!  I had a panic moment when she started coughing, thinking she might be having an anaphylactic reaction, but she had just been licking bubbles off her fingers.  I got both kids out of the tub and gave her some Benadryl before calling the nurse.  The spots faded, and the nurse said not to worry and to keep giving her Benadryl as long as she wasn’t sick otherwise. 

Sunday morning, though, she threw up just after she got up.  I took Josiah to the early church service, while Brian took care of Analise.  She was perfectly fine all day.  No fever, no more throwing up, and just a couple tiny spots.  I had some "me" time on Sunday afternoon, on a little spring birthday shopping trip at JC Penny’s big sale.  After dinner, Analise started breaking out again, this time as Brian was watching her.  He was pretty alarmed to see how fast it happened.  We gave her Benadryl again, and by this morning, she was only a tiny bit spotty. 

We had been planning on visiting my friend, Kathy, and her kids Megan and Chase, today to do the thread Easter egg craft, and I’d been looking forward to it.  She said as long as Analise seemed healthy, she didn’t mind us coming.  Josiah was grumpy before his morning nap, but after he woke up, we headed out for a fun playdate. 

The craft was fun, though the girls didn’t want to get sticky from the glue-y thread, so mostly I crafted.  Josiah got a little grumpy, so while we were eating lunch, I started to give him some fruit puffs… but he threw up all over.  Poor guy just wanted to lay on my chest the rest of the time, so I chatted with Kathy while the girls played a bit longer. 

Funny playtime story… Analise has been wearing big-girl underwear for about a week now, with no accidents.  While she was upstairs playing, Megan came downstairs with a pair of her pink (4T) underwear, saying, "Analise wants to wear my pink underwear."  We tried to convince Analise that her Dora underwear was more exciting and appropriate because it was HERS, but she’d have nothing to do with it, and of course, Megan was campaiging that Analise wear her pink underwear, too.  So in the end, Analise ended up wearing Megan’s pink underwear.  After a little while, Megan and her brother came down telling us that Analise’s pink underwear was wet.  Of course, we thought she’d had an accident, though she’d just go to the bathroom when the first underwear exchange took place.  When Kathy went up to check on Analise, she found that Analise was indeed on the potty, and she hadn’t had an "accident" exactly, but she’d missed the potty a little and the pink underwear had gotten wet.  Thankfully, the original Dora underwear was dry, so she got to put it back on, grudgingly. 

Finally, we decided that poor Josiah deserved to rest at home, and we packed ourselved up to go.  As I went to start the car, I found that it was dead.  I’d left the lights on.  Goodness, this was becoming quite an adventure.  Thankfully, Kathy’s husband works from home, and he found the jumper cables and got me on my way in less than 5 minutes. 

Halfway home, Analise started to tell me she had to go potty, and I begged her to hold it until we got home.  Josiah was getting grumpy again, and Analise started complaining that she had an "itch".  When I glanced back at her, I saw patches of spots sprouting up on her arm and shoulder.  ARG. 

We made it home, not without a lot of fussing by both kids, and I managed to get Analise on the potty in time.  When I got Josiah, though, he was unhappy and not ready to be put down.  He wailed while I raced around trying to get Analise off the potty and get some more Benadryl into her.  He was warm, and when I got his diaper changed, I found he had a fever of 101.  Poor little guy.

My wonderful mother-in-law rescued me to hold him while I put Analise down for a nap and headed back to the doctor for myself.  My sinus infection is not cleared up, and I’ve still got an ear infection. 

The day has ended quite nicely, though, with dinner at Toones – steak on the grill.  Analise and I made a chocolate birthday cake this morning, and she sprinkled Easter sprinkles all over it for me, and insisted on the only candles we had… a "2", "3" and a "4".  It was the most enjoyable birthday cake I’ve ever made myself:) 

Hopefully, I’ve got a full night’s sleep in front of me (most night’s for the past week have been!).  Maybe we’ll wake up spot-free, and everyone will be healthy. That would be wonderful.  I’ll let you know…

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