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A day of processing and “reunións”

10th January 2009

Reunión is the spanish word for “meeting”, but I am using the word in its English context too of “meeting again” to describe today. Two days ago when we were walking back from lunch, somebody called out “Brian” – I looked up and there was Alvaro – one of Kristine’s ESL students from 6 years ago. He was on his way somewhere else but after a short exchange, he told us he would stop by our hotel to catch up today (Friday) morning. I knew Alvaro from playing baseball with him and his friend Manuel who was also in Kristine’s ESL class. This morning I met up with Alvaro after Kristine left to take the kids to preschool where Kristine and Abigail helped organize a really cool craft for the kids that was a big hit.

I then went for what I thought would be a 2 hour bike ride, but in reality turned into a 3 hour epic, to the Casitas Memorial. This was a first for me to visit the memorial – Kristine had been there before so I was in awe of the impact of the mudslide on the land still plainly visible more than 10 years later. Its impact on the people is still evident by a meeting to come later in the day.

When I finally made it back, I headed down to Nuevas Esperanzas and met Kristine and Abigail as they were starting to walk back to the hotel. I escorted everyone except Kristine, back to the hotel for afternoon naptime while Kristine went back to get ready for the Friday afternoon tea where Kristine would be sharing during the reflective part of her observations of the changes at Palmerita given the 6 year time lapse since we were last here. Jorge then led a devotion/oracion (prayer)/reflective time of singing and praying. It was a much needed time for processing for Kristine as well as hopefully an encouragement to the Nuevas Esperanzas staff.

Then we headed back to our hotel, called up Enrique our favorite taxi driver, and headed out to Villa Soberana to try to connect with the girls (now young women) that Kristine was discipling when she was here with Mercy Ships. We went from house to house asking if people knew where the girls were, but it turns out we were on the wrong street. Once we made it to the right street, one of the first people Kristine asked was actually one of the girls in her study! It was a tearful reunion and she led us to two of the other girls (Marjorie and Kenya). Josiah was not content to stay still while we talked so I took him outside and looked to find the interesting tracks in th dirt – horse, pig, dog, chicken, bicycle tires, car tires, shoe prints were all fascinating to him (and me). I’ll let Kristine write more, but I know this was a good time for her to reconnect and see what God has done in these girls.

Finally, after we put the kids to bed leaving Abigail in charge, we walked down to Jane and Andrew’s to meet them to go out on a kid-free double date! We went to a nice place with a great atmosphere and ate and talked for several hours – in the process learning that there is so much more we need to learn about the Nicaraguan culture, as well as tracing the history of Nuevas Esperanzas, the origins of the current work, and a bit of the direction for the future — as well as a relaxing time to enjoy a nice dinner with friends!

Ok, I am fading fast now so I’ll end with the pictures … enjoy!

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  1. Winnie Says:

    Great to read about all the Nica stuff – so glad you were able to spend time with the Villa young ladies. It brings back so many memories. I remember meeting them in Jan 1999. It seems in some ways like yesterday and yet it is a life time ago for them. Blessings to you all as you continue your trek.

    Much love Winnie

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