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Pictures from the trip home

13th January 2009

We are home and settling in – I am already busy with a number of work projects – the kids are already busy playing with as many different toys that they can find – I’ve resized and edited a number of pictures from our trip home and posted them in a gallery below with captions. Later today or tomorrow, I will make one last picture post with some of the best pictures from our trip that I somehow missed in earlier posts!

2 Responses to “Pictures from the trip home”

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    I was so blessed by all the posts and pictures from your trip. What a blessing that you were able to share this experience with your children!! Question – did you take a car seat for Josiah on the plane? Claire is flying (for the first time in her own seat) next month and I’m not sure what to do… 🙂

  2. brtoone Says:

    Hey Lyndsey – the car seat situation is a funny side story. We took two booster seats and then were forbidden from taking them on the plane because they weren’t the right model authorized by the FAA. The check-in lady then proceeded to show us on the side of the seat that it said something about not being authorized. I think most car seats are probably authorized, but maybe most booster seats are not??? You may want to look at the label on the side to see if it says anything about the FAA. We had to gate check the booster seats on each leg of our flight. It wasn’t a complete loss though because we are able to use them in cars and taxis (at least the ones that had functional seatbelts) in Nicaragua. Even if you don’t take a car seat, it was handy to be able to hold Josiah during take-off and landing so that he could look out the window. Analise happily stayed buckled into her seat using the airline seatbelt for almost all of the flights.

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