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A little Saturday Link Love

31st January 2009

It’s cold here.   Well, cold in a Southern sense… like 30 degrees.  Brian’s off for a long bike ride this Saturday morning, and I’m in the mood to bake and be crafty.  Sounds like we’ll all benefit from this day!   Here’s some fun links that we might be trying today…

  • A Better Banana Muffin – a lighter, healthier banana blueberry muffin that is on the agenda for this morning.  Gotta get rid of the frozen black bananas in my freezer!  If they’re good, I might even make a second batch to freeze for breakfasts.
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – If I decide to balance out the healthy with a little not-so-healthy, these are what I might make as the second batch.
  • Oh No!  The Snowman Melted – a fun little melted snowman craft project we might attempt today.
  • Playdough Cookies – These would be fun to make in white, red and pink for Valentine’s day.
  • A Valentine’s Collage – If I get brave and decide to break out the paints today, this is what we’ll do.
  • Valentine’s Candy Pots – If I were really on the ball (which I’m not), these would be fun to make for Analise’s school friends.
  • Marshmallow Lollipops – Hm, marshmallows, dipping and sprinkles… my kids favorite things to do!
  • I Love You Garland – A fun way to showcase photos of those we love.
  • Sugar Shack – Oh my goodness… lots of sugar involved in this one, but man, would this be fun to let the kids build and decorate!
  • Valentine Garland – One super easy heart garland, if only I had pink and red pipe cleaners (and why does everyone call them “chenille stems”?  They’ve always been “pipe cleaners” for me!)

Can you tell I’ve created a folder called “TO DO with kids IF BORED”?  I’ll post pictures if we get anything done!

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