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Not much new here…

10th October 2005

For those of you checking in regularly and wondering what’s happening at the Toone household, it’s been pretty quiet. Analise and I have been laying low lately. This weekend was really cool, lovely weather. Not like y’all up North, but for Alabama, it was wonderful. We went to a Fall Festival in the small neighborhood of Rocky Ridge, for free food and some fun browsing on Saturday. Then we had some family pictures with Brian’s family. We were finally back at church for the first Sunday in 4 weeks, followed by the usual family lunch of baked beans and hot dogs with Brian’s mom and brother. That was about it for our weekend, and today’s been just as quiet. I’m feeling highly unmotivated lately, and trying to get things done one at a time. A “to do” list is seeming too overwhelming.

Oh – Analise has started trying to say a few more words. Last night, she was saying “flur” while we were outside by the flowers. Today we asked her what a kitty cat says, and she responded with “mew-mew” (not to be confused with “moo-moo” which will come soon!). She also said “ball” tonight. All this is a bit reassuring because her 15 month appointment was today, and I was feeling a bit worried that she doesn’t have more words in her vocabulary. They’ll come… and she definitely understands and follows commands very well.

2 Responses to “Not much new here…”

  1. Auntie Anna Says:

    Yea for new words! I can’t wait to hear her…. We miss you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    too fun about analise learning words. teach her “tammy” next will ya? not to compare your kid to my pup but Keller is also learning commands pretty well. He (for the most part) will stay outside when you go in the front door and go into his kennel. still a hyper little thing and deaf as can be but a cutie! scott is doing well too. i hope to post some more about him today.

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