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Adventures of the Super Dissertating Daddy

12th October 2004

First, before I get to the fun adventure story, here’s a picture from my dad’s recent visit.

As I was on my way to work last Friday, my cell phone rang. It was Brian calling to relate the latest moment in his adventure as a Stay-at-Home-Dissertating-Daddy. Analise had been happily gurgling at her fish mobile, sitting in her swing. From up the stairs, Brian heard “mild explosive noises”, that almost always indicate a Blowout In Progress. [Note – Once you’ve changed a Blowout, you would understand why it’s Capitalized!]

As he gently extricated her from the swing, he noticed that the diaper hadn’t YET leaked onto her sleeper. With luck, he might not having to change her clothes. Carefully, he managed to get the diaper off Analise without incident. Throughout any Blowout event, Analise always has the sweetest, most innocent smile on her face. So as Brian’s getting the diaper ready, Analise proceeds to “fountain” [Note: Aptly named because when she pees without a diaper it makes an amazingly high little fountain, quite a feat that initially impressed us, but now it’s more annoying than impressive]. So the sleeper and changing pad are now wet. Unfortunately, now he needs to change her.

So as Brian gets a clean sleeper under Analise and is wiping her off – for the 2nd time – she sneezed and squirted poop [Note: Another thing we’re amazed our little girl can do!], requiring yet another sleeper change! So finally, Analise is clean, in a new sleeper, and Brian puts her on his shoulder, wanting to call me to relate the adventure.

But the fun is not over…. As he’s picking up the phone, Analise unloads breakfast all over his shirt. Poor girl… she’s got tummy issues so no one is safe within an hour of her eating. Here’s the after picture…

All that to say, Brian’s a SUPER DAD🙂 He’s definitely dealt with more Blowouts than I have. There are frustrating moments for both of us when I’m wanting to be the one at home managing all the moments and issues and blowouts and seeing all the fun little things Analise is doing, and Brian would rather I was to be the one at home full-time. But, honestly, we’re really lucky to have some great people watching Analise part-time, and Brian’s loving the special time he’s got watching Analise grow in these early months.

Check back soon for more Adventures of the Super Dissertating Daddy!

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  1. alison Says:

    I like the zoo picture of annless at the zoo sghe is a very good baby you are luck to have her

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