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A Bit of Genius

6th December 2005

Warning… a mother’s opinion ahead:) I have to say, I think Analise has a bit of genius in her. She has a box that allows for sorting shapes, but the shapes are more complicated than your everyday circle, square and triangle. It includes a pentagon, ellipse, diamond, tree, rocking horse, train and more. We expected it wouldn’t be really enjoyable for her until she was quite a bit older. In fact, advanced shape sorting isn’t a skill that’s developed on average until about 23 months. But Analise has mastered this box. It began when I started giving it to her in her crib to play with while I showered. I’d dump out all 15 or so blocks, and in the last month, I’ve been coming back to find ALL the shapes in the box! I caught her on camera today:) She’s very meticulous. When she starts with one shape, like the diamond, she’ll be sure to look at all the other shapes to make sure there aren’t any other diamonds to put in. She’s even able to rotate them around – in all directions – to make them fit into their holes. It’s honestly very impressive to watch! I’m a proud mom:)

We dressed up yesterday for a quick family picture at church. Analise looked like a little angel in her cute maroon velvet Christmas dress. But by the time we were ready to snap the picture, all she could really muster up was an “I’m tired” smile. So I’d like your opinion on which picture to use as our Christmas card this year. Leave us some feedback!

Lastly, a couple cute pictures. Brian and Analise were busy with yard work this afternoon, and below, Analise dances on her Aunt Kat’s Christmas present. Kat’s doing all she can to analyze the box and try to figure out what’s in it (including trying to hack into my Amazon account!), but I don’t think she’ll figure it out:)

7 Responses to “A Bit of Genius”

  1. Dena Says:

    Hello! shape sorters are a favorite aren’t they?
    I’d use the 2nd picture… at least Analise is looking at the camera. It’s a very nice picture by the way! I think Analise needs some barrettes for Christmas, boy her hair is getting long 🙂 Is she going to have long hair like her “Auntie” Dena?

  2. Robyn Says:

    I’d go with the second photo as well. Analise is looking up, and Brian’s a little closer to Kristine. Plus, I think it’s a little clearer. I love how Analise’s hair’s all messed by under the genious blog- looks like Einstein 🙂

  3. Aunt Kat Says:

    Your daughter looks a bit disheveled as she dances on my christmas present. Long hair in her eyes, one sock off, the famous curl-under-on-one-side-only cardwell hair. I don’t know about that one. Soon she’ll be out at all hours of the night, not calling to let you know where she is, and hanging out with Tough Babies…. But for now, she’s pretty cute.

  4. Anna Says:

    I agree. Second picture is the one to go with. LOVE THE PICTURES! We’ve missed Analise updates.

  5. Corrie Says:

    Agree w/ second picture. Unless you can somehow Photoshop the first one so that it looks like Analise is looking at you!

  6. Kristine Says:

    Corrie – I can’t Photoshop like that… but will there be a chapter in your book about it?? 🙂

  7. tb Says:

    the one raking the leaves… oh wait you’re talking about the top two. I like the first one. She has a half grin and isn’t looking at the camera but i like it better than the 2nd because Brian doesn’t look like he’s hovered over you.

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