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End of the semester

10th December 2005

Yesterday was my last day of teaching for the Fall 2005 semester at Samford. It ended with a bang as I also gave a presentation on Research Proposal Writing to our department and to scholars participating in the BACHE Scholars in Computer Science program. The talk went really well! Below is a picture of the group after my presentation and also a picture of all the food that I bought at a nearby store and carried back on my bike. There are four 2-liter sodas inside the backpack along with two fresh fruit containers!

Other things happening here at the end of the semester … Kristine came to pick me up one evening and listen to the Samford bells, and as I was taking the elevator down to meet her outside, there was a spectacular sunset visible all the way down the hall, through the open door in a classroom, and out the window of the classroom. It was amazing — as if everything was on fire!

Lastly, it has been unusually cold at the beginning of December. On my bike ride in on Tuesday at a brisk 22 degrees, my water bottle was beginning to freeze. I took this picture below of the ice inside my water bottle after I had been inside the building for close to five minutes!

2 Responses to “End of the semester”

  1. Sister Kat Says:

    What do you mean, a brisk 22 degrees?! That’s a heat wave!! You should be in shorts and a t-shirt! Maybe we’ll have to take you back up to Duluth, this time to experience winter as it truly is…..COLD! Not just cold, oh no…COLD!

  2. steve Says:

    Brian’s california roots coming out. I am with you dude, 22 is, well, FREEZING!!!!!

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