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A full car!

25th January 2006

Analise is helping me get prepared to have another little one to get into and out of the car. Yesterday she insisted on bringing her bear and her baby doll to the car with us. Not only did I have my hands full with my purse, bag and diaper bag, but I had her in my arms, carrying the 2 stow-aways:) I love having a garage in the basement of my house, but it’s HARD to get up and down the stairs with my hands so full. I’ve asked Brian if he can install something like a dumbwaiter so I can send the baby/groceries/etc. up by just pulling a rope! For now, though, Analise is trying to get me ready!

3 Responses to “A full car!”

  1. A concerned parent Says:

    Did anyone else notice the inclusion of “baby” as one of the items to be loaded on the dumbwaiter? I’m sure Analise would enjoy it, but I’m thinking that she needs to wear a bicycle helmet when riding on the dumbwaiter.

  2. The mom Says:

    To the concerned parent… I actually meant the new baby:), in his infant seat. He’ll be well strapped in! We can add a helmet to him, though, if it’s deemed necesssary.

  3. Corrie Says:

    I’m a little concerned that the bear and baby doll didn’t have their own car seats.

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