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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone


20th January 2010

Brian’s now on Twitter, @BrianToone, as am I, @beautifulwife. (Sidenote: my username was actually kind of a joke… it was how he directed comments at me on Facebook, and he dared me to see if it was available on Twitter.  It was, so the name stuck!)

He’s tweeted about some maps he’s created on his website for the season’s first big pro cycling race, the Tour Down Under.  He was excitedly telling me this evening that he’s even got a follower on Twitter from Australia.  I chuckled and told him it was probably a spammer, just wanting to get followers from being on his follower list.  He puffed up and said, “I’ve only got 19 followers, and they’re all important to me.  Don’t you talk bad about any of them!”

I promise, if you follow Brian on Twitter, he will appreciate you!

One Response to “Twittering”

  1. brtoone Says:

    Hey Beautiful – your username is no joke – you’re beautiful, and you’re my wife – so you’re my beautiful wife! 🙂

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