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6th March 2010

I’ve wanted to blog so many times, yet I just haven’t gotten to it.  No excuse… just busy with life, kids, the usual sicknesses of winter, and just plain laziness.  If I am to get caught up, it will seem too overwhelming, so I’ll just start right here, right now.

It’s March already!  How did that happen?!?  Here’s a couple random glimpses that our camera captured recently…

My sweet girl, all dressed in pink and brown, in my favorite hairstyle... braids. She is just so cute.

While Analise and I had a Daisy Scout meeting, Brian and Josiah went to his preschool art show. Here's my crazy sweet boy with his table of artwork.

At a Sunday afternoon bike race (which Brian has placed 3rd and 2nd in!), we found this little possum clinging to a tree that seemed too small for him. So cute!

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  1. Brian Toone Says:

    Awesome pic of the possum Kristine. Josiah and I had a great time at the art show!

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