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Epic Cycling!

7th March 2010

Brian raced the 100-mile Rouge Roubaix in Louisiana today. This epic race models itself after the famous Paris-Roubaix spring classic race in France with mile after mile of cobblestones, and the local version includes 20 miles of gravel. No, I’m not sure why anyone would want to race on roads like that, but that’s another post for another time.

Anyway, I just got a brief text/phone update from him, so I don’t have all the details. But it appears he finished pretty well, maybe 12th. His teammate, Mike, was in the first group just ahead of Brian, and finished in the top 6. Yeah, Tria Cycling!

Almost even more exciting for Brian, this 3ft printed version of his beautiful colored TopoCreator map of the race course was on display at the race! He’s been working on for a long, long time, and the website is so close to going live. I’m really excited to see such a great response to all his super hard work.

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  1. brtoone Says:

    Thanks Kristine – quick update, I actually got 18th as there was one more small group on the road ahead of mine that I didn’t know about. I was still very very happy with it after seeing how hard the race was!! Also, it wasn’t my teammate Mike Lackey but rather Mike Olheiser who races for another team that got 5th. My teammates did well as there were many top pros there so it was great to see them finish such a hard race!

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