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39 Easter Pictures

23rd April 2006

We’ve had an awesome last couple weeks surrounding Easter. I’ve included
39 pictures below summarizing a view of our Easter week life. Click
on each picture for a larger version. Click the “back” button on your
browser to continue to view more pictures.

  Kristine follows after a determined Analise runs up a hill looking for
easter eggs at the first ever Clearwater Easter Egg hunt.

  The dogwood tree we planted in our front yard last year is blooming
this year. Beautiful pink and white flowers.

  Before home church on Thursday night, Analise enjoys playing in the
pile of dirt left by a water crew replacing pipe at the edge of our

  Part of our home church gathers outside while Analise plays and people
are still arriving. From left to right, the Hamby’s, the Saunders’, and
the Toone’s!

  Analise loves toes. One night before bed, she wanted all of us to put our

on the rocker. She was quite happy, even if a little “tarred” (i.e.,


  On the day before Easter, we enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt at Oak Mountain

State Park.
When we got there, there were Easter eggs everywhere!

  Analise reaches for an Easter egg at the base of a pine tree.

  Kristine holds Analise’s bunny easter egg basket.

  Analise and grandma walk back to us after visiting the ducks by the lake.

  Analise dances and plays in the dirt.

  Analise was so hot and tired after all her running around she decided she

ready for a nap. So she laid down on this blanket and all by herself

the corner of it over herself like a blanket.

  Analise’s friend Laurel enjoyed sharing her food by putting it
on Analise’s plate for Analise to eat. Analise awaits eagerly
the next piece of food.

  We had Easter dinner Saturday night at grandma’s house. Afterwards,

wanted everyone to get in a circle and “say amen”. This included the

bunnies you see here.

  Analise and Kristine smile next to a wooden Easter bunny in grandma’s

front yard.

  Smiling again, this time next to a well full of Easter lilies.

  Heading out the door for church, here is Kristine and Analise
in their Easter outfits.

  Kristine and I took care of the kids during the Sunday morning church

service. So here
are all of Analise’s friends from church.

  Analise inspired everyone to wear hats … including her mommy!

  After church, Kristine and I dropped Analise off with grandma and headed
out of town for a short weekend getaway in Lookout Mountain, Georgia
near Chattanooga, Tennessee. This will probably be our last getaway

the Toone family becomes a family of four! I took my bike and went for
a short bike ride before dinner.

  In the distance, you can see the waterfall from the Rock City rock garden

Our B & B was just up the mountain on the right.

  Here is the view off the top of Lookout Mountain looking west towards


  For dinner, we drove down the mountain to downtown Chattanooga and ate at

in the Bluff View art district. This large bridge is actually a

pedestrian bridge
that spans the Tennessee river.

  Here is the view of the sunset sky and the Tennessee River walk.

  A kayaker paddles at the foot of a large cliff with the Art museum

perched above.

  I went for another bike ride Monday morning and snapped this picture of
a large tree growing on the side of a cliff on Lookout Mountain.

  This old abandoned part of the roadway looks like it was carved into the

cliff. Now,
a large bridge spans the chasm that this old roadway hugged the cliff to


  Here is a picture looking through the old roadway underneath the modern
bridge past I-24 a hundred feet below and all the way down
to the Tennessee River.

  This is the view from the halfway point as Incline Railway makes its way
from Chattanooga straight up to the top of the mountain.

  Here is the view from the halfway point looking back down the mountain.

  We “saw Rock City”! This amazing rock garden is almost like a maze and

a waterfall, a view of seven states, a fairyland cavern, and amazing

trees like
this one growing out of, between, and over rocks.

  The happy getaway couple next to Mushroom Rock.

  Here is Kristine in front of the spot where you can view seven states on

clear day.

  I think Kristine was tired of me taking her picture by this point!

  We asked another tourist to take our picture here with the viewing
platform for the waterfall in the background.

  This is one of Rocky City’s attractions: a waterfall cascading out of the

into a pool below.

  This is the view from below of the swinging, hanging bridge which we had
just walked across a few minutes earlier.

  Here is a pretty purple tree next to the walking path through Rock City.

  Finally, here is a view of the Tennessee River and downtown Chattanooga

Point Park at the spot where Lookout Mountain literally comes to a point

drops dramatically straight down to the river.

3 Responses to “39 Easter Pictures”

  1. Lauren Naile Says:

    I love Analise’s Easter outfit! The pictures of Lookout Mountain are great. Bryant and I need to go.

  2. Corrie Says:

    Whoa, those are GIANT bunnies!! I didn’t know they make ’em that big. Are they native to Alabama?

  3. Aunt Kat Says:

    Analise DID NOT have an Easter Bonnet on her head in one picture, did she?!?! Oh My, I need to come down every easter from now on and fight for her rights to be free of the bonnets!!!! NO MORE BONNETS!!!!

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