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Getting my full coffee value…

25th May 2006

The other day, when Brian and I both got drinks from Starbucks, we got into a discussion about really getting your money’s worth for your drink. He normally gets a venti caramel macchiato, while I normally get a small drink, lately an iced latte of some flavor. We realized that when you get an iced drink, you REALLY only get half of a small sized drink. I finished my latte, and when the ice had melted, there was more than half a glass of water left. HMM. We determined the best thing to do is to start asking for a my regular latte with a cup of ice:) Haven’t done it yet, but we probably will! Today, though, I got drinks for both of us (NOT Starbucks, a different independent coffee shop that we much prefer… don’t get me started on the sore lack of coffee shops with “character” here… practically your only choices are Starbucks, Starbucks, and Panera (with less real coffee drink options)… I digress). This time, I ordered a small drink (a Nutty Buddy, a lovely mocha-like drink with hazelnut and chocolate sauce…mmm!), brought it home and poured it over ice. It’s divine – and plenty big! This is the WAY TO GO:)

2 Responses to “Getting my full coffee value…”

  1. Dena Says:

    Hey, don’t knock Panera!!!!! Wish I had one!
    We are getting a new Starbucks where CHICHIs used to be, Jen is excited… i really could care less 🙂

  2. Badger Brother's Barista Says:

    The other option is to ask for an iced latte – without ice. You may have to pay .35 extra, but generally that will still be cheaper than a regular latte. OR, you could get the latte and a cup of ice, but tell them to only steam the milk to 80…otherwise you are going to get alot more foam than milk, still giving you less liquid than you’d like.

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